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drum'n'bass, techno

Entropy's 30 years anniversary is an art exhibition of reflections, where the experience is the creator themselves and part of the whole. The reflections are manifested in the space as physical works of art, self-reflection and time capsules from the past thirty years and the future. As a tribute to our culture, we walk towards the unknown in front of us, embracing our roots.

The longing for enigmaticity leads us to an experience where we let the industrial space transform into a caressing crossfire of bass, art and communal hedonism, moving us and our every sense.

Inclusivity is at the core of our values. Everyone is welcome to find their heart here. Your self-expression is not stifled here.



Aika stage
‣ Bours?
‣ Mayeul
‣ Kaspiann
& more tba

Peili stage:
‣ Misanthrop
‣ Desto
‣ Mary Young
& more tba

Minä stage:
tba soon


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