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Dear family!

The portal to another dimension will be open again on June 15.-18.2023, mightier than ever before and the flight is going to be epic!

72 hours of music for dancing or just to listen to, eating and drinking well, hanging around, meeting friends, letting your inner child run free and of course celebrating the summer solstice and appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth.

Solstitium is well known for the decorations and comfortability and this time we’ll pay even more attention to sound. We will have the best sound in the history of Solstitium, because, after all, we are a music festival!
We also promise you better lighting, just in the right amount at the right places and it’s going to be magical!
You’ll see, this is not just a New Year’s resolution that will fade with time.

We guarantee you:
1. Quality music for all tastes
2. Quality sound and lighting
3. Deco as from fairytales on all stages and common area
4. Safe environment
5. Super tasty food and drinks
6. Variety of workshops and activities
7. A smile on your face for weeks to come

Tranceportal – PSY stage with local and international artists and a very inspirational headliner. Tranceportal’s deco will be created by international team, you’ve seen their wonderful work on Boom or Ozora

Space – all kinds of house music and out-of-this-world deco. This is also the place to go when you get hungry or thirsty, you’ll be greeted by our talented cooks and bartenders and have a chance to lay down on the couch

Chillout - ambient, psychill, downtempo, deep heads, world sounds and so much more. This is a safe and cosy place to come to chill and enjoy the sounds

Blackbox - dnb and techno for those dark souls. The stage will be in the middle of the forest (on a level ground, though!) active even during daytime and there’s going to be room for at least 200 people. Deco will be made under the supervision of the talented tattoo artist Sean Meade.

Art Room – a place to express yourself through various forms of art
Soul Room – workshops, seminars and a cosy environment
Sound room – express yourself through sound and music
Psycare – THE place to get cure and care for all kinds of mishaps, for you or for your friend – a simple cut, sunburn, even broken heart or when you’re overwhelmed by life or tired of excessive partying. You’ll find it in the adjoining room of the Chillout house. Psycare is brought to you by Reaagentuur and Villu Kangur
Game Room – Mash Machine before the actual Chill stage and all kinds of board games
Forest Trail – magical journey through ancient forest

3 saunas, opening ceremony, workshops, singing, drumming, Buti yoga, giant soap bubbles, swimming. SUP boards, boats, canoes on the lake, giant swing, art installations, bazaar. Mash Machine, ping pong table, forest trails, hiking, hammocks, glamping

Super tasty food for omnivores and vegetarians, from the well-known Space Kitchen, Stoneart Pizza and many other.
Breakfast Buffee
Guarantees you access to our paradise for 72 hours.
1. Early bird - €99 until autumn equinox on 23. September 2022 (DONE!)
2. Dirty Dancer - €129 until winter Solstice on 22. December 2022
3. Spring Bunny - €139 until spring equinox on 20. March 2023
4. Shut up and take my money - €149 until 14. June 2023
Bank details for admission fee transfer:
Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn

Payment description must include the names and e-mails of all the people you are paying for. If the bank doesn’t let you enter @ sign, it can be substituted with “at”.
NB! There is a €15 discount from the admission fee for students. To get the right for discount, please send a copy of our student card to [email protected].
NB2! Admission fee is non-refundable and can’t be transferred to another person!


❖ Camping – free
Saunas – free (check the schedule)
Public showers – free (there’ll be a container shower with hot water
Swimming in the lake – free

❖ VIP Bundles
This is for those who want to up their festival experience with extra comfortability.
1 x LUX-SWINGER room – €777
A room for 4 persons, King size bed plus 2 single beds in the Main building.
Includes also a coolbox full of ice, a coolbox with your choice of drinks, extra cool deco, ear plugs, sleep masks.

1 x LUX-TRIPLE - €666
A room for 3 persons on the Main building.
Includes also a coolbox full of ice, a coolbox with your choice of drinks, extra cool deco, ear plugs and sleep masks

❖AIT-KÜÜN (we are still not able to translate this) - sleeping berth for the whole festival. €30 per bed (linen included)

Any accommodation can be booked by writing us first ([email protected].) and then to confirm money transfer to
DESCRIPTION: DONATION and your email (at) = @
You feel the urge to sleep in the open air? There’s your chance, provided by Tentsile:

Hammock/tent for two €40
Hammock/tent for three €50

You only need to bring a sleeping bag and a mat, the hammocks/tents will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

For a retreat between Heaven and Earth contact [email protected].
Onsite contacts: Veiko +37256651939, Margus +37256501888, Hendrik +37256801936
Booking is confirmed after successful payment.
Also, we will have free hammocks to chill in and SUP boards.

Caravan or motorhome €40 (without electricity and water)
Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn
Description: Donation)
Passenger car parking is free but only in designated areas. Entering the festival area in a car is strictly forbidden, except for a purpose of charging an electric vehicle.
NB!! Music in the parking lot is allowed only in a certain designated area.

Rules: (MUST READ!)

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