Neonya!! Party: New Year's Tropical Rave - Quickdrop, Shirobon + more!

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Tiivistämö, Helsinki   Show map

Happy Hardcore, Hands Up, J-Core, Anime Remixes, Eurobeat & everything hyper!
31.12.2021 Tiivistämö, Helsinki
K-18, 21:00 - 04:00

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Welcome 2022 with the hyperiest party in town! Neonya!!'s New Year is filled with happy hardcore, Y2K vibes and as always, a selection of Japan's finest underground club music! Join us on our trip to tropic with two stages, chilled cocktails and whopping 14 artists and DJ's !

QUICKDROP (SE) - First show in Finland!


One of the top producers of modern Happy Hardcore, Hands Up and Euphoric Hardstyle, Quickdrop has taken the scene like a storm with banger after banger released on labels such as Tweekacore's and Darren Styles' Electric Fox, Bionic Bear and his own Wuze Music. Known for his hit tracks like Shake Your Body and Keeps Me High, this Gothenburg-based artist fills dancefloor after dancefloor and keeps those hands in the air all night long!

Shirobon brings you a unique sound combining the best parts of chiptune, synthwave and early 00's dance music without any regard for genre boundaries. His Melodic, atmospheric and often full-stomping rave beats are a staple in several rhythm games and his energetic shows have filled up dancefloors from London to Tokyo for a decade.

Fast-rising finnish hard dance producer No Hero is hitting the major spotlight with recent support from artists such as S3RL, Jonas Aden and Quickdrop. With a few major releases already under his belt and a lot more dropping soon, he's determined to make it in the big leagues sooner than later. No Hero has also gained fame with his several hard dance remixes of various songs on Soundcloud - This is a set you don't want to miss!

► Neonya!! DJ's
Neonya!! DJ collective will bring you again the hottest beats from the Tokyo underground rave scene, otaku clubnights and hyperactive dancefloors of various genres such as J-Core, Anime- and VGM remixes, hyperpop and J-Trance to name a few. Perhaps we'll once again feature the super popular Initial Eurobeat Hour? Come and find out! More information about DJ's and genres to be announced soon!


► The event will comply with all health and safety regulations that are in effect on December 31st, and we kindly ask you to provide an EU-approved COVID pass at the door if needed.

► Age limit is 18 - Be prepared to show an valid ID at the door

► You are allowed to bring an empty water bottle to the venue

► Neonya!! Party has a zero tolerance policy against all harassment and discrimination. If you experience or witness any, don't hesitate to contact the venue security or staff.

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