Goa Progressive (Dreaml4nd - Zilk World release party)

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psy, trance

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Hello! A year long wait seems to be over and our next event (Goa Progressive) is in Friday 22th OCT (22.10.) and it will be held in Kaivohuone, Helsinki.

Dreaml4nd (Zilk World release set)
Soladria (Peyotii)
EE (Mainstage) B2B Aegonox (Goa) progressive psy set
Sounds Of Nature (by Aegonox)

Door ticket: 5eur before 22:30, 10eur after

Presale ticket: 10eur (limited amount, includes Bandcamp version of Dreaml4nd - Zilk World album) which can be found below:


Birthday heros +-5 days (those who are born between 17.10. and 27.10.) get a free entrance to the party 🙂 (IMPORTANT! you need to prove your identity with an ID and also show a corona certificate)

All guests must show valid picture ID and corona pass (corona certificate, koronatodistus) to be able to enter the nightclub.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this and the same regulations apply to all nightclubs in Helsinki area. The only way to get away from this requirement would be to stop music at 00:30 and send people home which we don’t want to do.
We are of course hoping that corona certificate regulations go away very soon as they did in Denmark in September and that we could organize our next event without such restrictions. But for now we have to live with them.
We are planning to record all sets so if for any reason you are unable to get corona certificate and participate, you can listen to the sets afterwards.

- Get your pass from kanta.fi - also EU corona passes work.
- When you arrive, have your photo ID and Corona Certificate ready. We recommend to print or download the certificate in advance before arriving to the event.
- Mobile phone: Please open the pass on the mobile, zoom in to the QR code and add brightness.
- If your PDF is inside the Apple Wallet, you must open the PDF outside of the Wallet. If you log in to kanta.fi, export the pass as a PDF before arrival to the venue.
- The certificate confirms that the holder has either been fully vaccinated against Covid, tested negative within the previous 72 hours, or recovered from the virus within the past six months.

Trip To Goa bonus
Those of you that applied for Trip To Goa bonus in 10-11/2020, your name will be on the guest list. Because of corona certificate requirement (which applies also to bonus users) bonus can be used either on this event or the next Goa Progressive event.

Music of artists:



Ee (Mainstage Records, Full On Generation, Bass Game) is a talented DJ who has done a lot of work behind the scenes to get outstanding new artists to Finland (like Ace Ventura, Vini Vici, Neelix, Vibe Tribe, Ananda Shake, Mystical Complex, Ranji, Space Cat, the list goes on)

Sounds Of Nature:
Sounds of nature is a performance of nature sounds (luontoäänet) composed by DJ Aegonox.

Ps. There are still couple of Dreaml4nd t-shirts left (M, L, L, XL) which you can buy at the event.

Planned Timetable:
22:00 - 23:00 Sounds Of Nature (nature sounds/chillout)
23:00 - 00:30 Dreaml4nd (Zilk World release set, goa/game fullon)
00:30 - 03:00 Ee B2B Aegonox (progressive psy)
03:00 - 04:30 Soladria (fullon psy)

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