Merikerho presents: Entropy

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Merikerho Presents: Entropy

Saturday Sept 25th 5PM-00AM

Blooming from the underground scene, Entropy will bring local and international talents to perform daring and bang-up tunes for the dance floor.

Leona, Hagakure, Chiphead, Antonio Ferretti,, mantysalo, noMad, Clippin'

We have prepared a new stage and dancefloor which is outdoors, yet under roof, works even if it rains! Heaters, blankets provided. Dress in warm layers!

Entropy ry, founded in 1993, is a electronic music cultural association with the Aalto University, that strives to advance and promote electronic music culture.

K20. Free until 7PM.
Tickets 6€ - no security fee.

Happy Hour -20% until 8PM.
Serving ends 11PM.

Please come only if you are free of any flu or covid19 symptoms. On the outdoor deck, dancing is allowed.

#house, #fastminimal #acid house, #chiptune, #electro, #deepmelodictechno, #acidtechno #darktechno, #drumandbass