Signature Dark Part 3

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Signature Dark

From slowly evolving sound textures to esoteric rhythms, say hello to minimal richness.

Melancholic. Dark. Cinematic.

Signature Dark is a novel musical concept which runs the gamut of vivid and atmospheric soundscapes from ambient to drone, dark jazz, dub and experimental music. Occassionally, the sound will be flipped into minimalistic techno and jungle territory.


LIVE: Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne
(Vinyl release)

LIVE: Lau Nau

DJ Roberto Rodriguez

VJ Random Doctors


Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne

Aleksi Myllykoski is an audio artist, composer, producer, and a well-respected DJ from Helsinki, Finland. His new album Dark Days came out digitally summer 2020 and vinyl will be out 19.9.

Tapani Rinne is best known for his experimental and innovative style with the clarinet and saxophone for the seminal electro jazz group RinneRadio.

They will play together material from the Dark Days album.

Lau Nau

Lau Nau, aka Laura Naukkarinen, is one of the more interesting names in the Finnish contemporary music scene. A composer, music producer and performer who's music is imbued with a cinematic breath of vision and idiosyncratic, finely honed sound world. Lay Nau works using both acoustic and electronic instruments, from traditional instruments and singing voice to analogue synthesisers and field recordings. While her songs are luminous, melancholic pieces of experimental chamber folk music, her scores for films and sound installations are experimental studies of sound, journeys to audible pulsations and spectres.

DJ Roberto Rodriguez

Roberto Rodriguez is a music producer and DJ based in Helsinki, Finland. Over his 30 year long career he has built a wide catalogue of critically acclaimed records ranging from ambient, through deep House to banging techno. With 60 original releases and well over 70 remixes including, now classics like 'Ride With Me’, ’Besomebody’ and the DJ Harvey set regular 'Mustat Varjot'. On labels such as Compost, Freerange, Delusions Of Grandeur, Room With A View, FINA, House Of Disco and Eskimo. Outside his solo productions he is also part of the groups Acid Kings, Future Beat Investigators and Track n Field. Roberto's DJ sets can be described as adventurous musical trips with full of treasures, both old and new, that you've never heard before and may never hear again.

VJ Random Doctors

Random Doctors is a Helsinki-based VJ (Video Jockey) group formed in 2004. Mixing up live visuals they explore the depths of our cultural subconscious fearlessly challenging djs and musicians to push their limits. From festivals to smallest underground clubs and art events Random Doctors stay true to their mission, to seek the magical moment where music, visuals and audience become one.

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