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Goa Progressive is back :) After unforgettable event in last december we are now for the first time having a Goa Progressive party in the summer. Only for true music lovers and especially progressive psy lovers ♥.

Korento (Tesseract, Kosmos) B2B Aegonox (Goa, Entropy)
Khypnotic live (Human Spectrum)
Tigro (CLH Records)

Door tickets: 5eur before 22:30, 10eur after

Limited amount of presale tickets (late bird) in Dreaml4nd Bandcamp for 10eur which includes digital edition of Dreaml4nd - Dreamland album.

Limited amount of early bird presale tickets in Dreaml4nd Bandcamp for 7eur which includes digital edition of Dreaml4nd - Dreamland album (SOLD OUT)

Birthday heros +-5 days (those who are born between 18.7. and 28.7.) get a free entrance to the party :) (IMPORTANT! you need to prove your identity with an ID)

ps. Idyllic Kaivohuone summer teracce is open for getting air between the irresistible and powerful basslines (after 23:00).







21:00 - 22:00 Aegonox (progressive psy)
22:00 - 00:00 Korento B2B Aegonox (progressive psy)
00:15 - 01:40 Tigro (night psy)
01:40 - 03:00 Khypnotic live (full-on)

When you buy presale tickets we get only the name of the buyer from Bandcamp transaction system. The name of the buyer (lets say ANTTI VIRTANEN as an example) will be in ticket list and he will get entry by prooving his identity with an official ID at the party entrance.

If the name of attendee is different than the name of the buyer or if you buy multiple presale tickets with one transaction (lets say 4 tickets) you will need to send names of additional guests with Bandcamp message and or that instead of ticket buyer another person will attend. If we don't get names of additional guests then the ticket list will have buyers name + number of additional tickets and the additional guests will have to enter to the party together with the ticket buyer. So if ANTTI VIRTANEN bought 4 tickets the list would have ANTTI VIRTANEN + 3 written and all 4 people would have to enter simultaneously to the party.

If you have already bought multiple tickets but forgot to announce names of attendees you can request for name change of attendees by forwarding ticket receipt email and the request to [email protected].

Deadline for all name changes is in Thursday 15:00 clock. After this name changes are not possible.

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