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Merikerho, Helsinki   Show map

Wed 10.6. 17-22.30

Katerina is a passionate music lover and people can really feel that. She’s a skilful DJ, an imaginative music maker and an emotional and hypersensitive artist. Her DJ sets grow like nocturnal plants in a fantasy jungle on a solid foundation of the Funk. Her sets are always filled with sensibility and heavily emotional on all levels, you’ll swing through a heavy pumping beat to suddenly find yourself floating in a cloud of dreamy vibes, being tossed around between mellow and heavy, melancholic and ecstatic, once she has seduced the crowd and it’s willing to go through all highs and lows with her on an intense sonic and sensual adventure.

Unlike the flat self-definition driven commonplace entrepreneur/DJ of these days, Katerina is a deep and complex artist. Armed with music from the heart she sets onto the dance floors sided by radical spirit.