Kristiina Männikkö, Sønin, MR.A & Hilla Liila x MacerationROOM

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For our 6th broadcast from the MacerationROOM we are excited to invite Kristiina Männikkö, SØNIN, Mr.A & Hilla Liila to perform on Saturday 30th of May starting at 20.00 GMT+3. Twitch.Tv/MacerationROOM

Kristiina Männikkö
Kristiina has been a resident DJ at Kaiku since it’s opening in 2013. Her affection for heavy snare drums and mystical atmospheres can be heard weekly on Radio Helsinki, where she plays weirdo synth cuts, EBM, dark(er) Italo and twisted House together with Irene Kostas. Her name has been on most people’s lips in Helsinki for quite some time now, so it was only natural that 2017 and -18 saw her break out of the local and on to the international. Early 2019 sees her billed for Panorama Bar for CTM Festival.

A Finnish songwriter, producer and DJ with roots from hardcore gabber, to house, to techno, to indie disco, to most up to date club anthems topping the Billboard charts under several guises.

30 years old with 17 years of experience, from underground raves to clubs and events, the whole journey to professional music productions within the leading edge of Nordic music industry. SØNIN’s production credits include acts like Tensnake, Fischerspooner, Yotto and R3hab combining almost 100 million streams worldwide.

SØNIN ’s musical style has developed into an infectious mix of indie dance and melancholic house. Something for both the radio and the dancefloors.

Helsinki DJ Mr.A has been in the epicenter of Finlands queer club scene for more than 2 decades: first and foremost as a DJ; later as a promoter; then producer and a radiohost. His current club night Rebels (monthly at dtm) has seen some of the worlds finest artists (Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, Alinka, Hannah Holland, Roi Perez, Massimiliano Pagliara, Hifi Sean, Eli Escobar, Heidi, Jonjo Jury, Tom Peters, Josh Caffe and more).

Mr.A strives for his sets to always be biographical. They are gently balanced, accurate cross-sections of the old and new, always offering the dancefloor a taste of today and tomorrow but never forgetting the roots and history of house, disco or techno.

A gentleman, kind soul, lover, never a fighter, 100% true.

Hilla Liila
Hilla Liila. The chairman of Local Deep. The misunderstood messenger of house music. Known for her admiration for big vocals and wack beats, tasty basslines and seamless mixing. Crossing lines and making a hassle with her lovemeorhateme-attitude.

A Music enthusiast. Not just a dj but a character who demands on making experiences more than just good parties and nicely flowing sets. She wants to have an emotional impact on her listeners/crowd - whatever the emotional response may be.

No way near any boxes. All the boxes are in fact lost.

An artist in shambles.

Always expect the unexpected.

Sound consists of everything; you can call it whateveristic.