From until   Tickets 10€   Age limit: 20   http://www.pussyclub.org  
hesperia, Helsinki  
house, trance

Kimik (U&K, Miau!, Pussy Resident)
Coma (Kilta, Pussy Resident)
Orkidea (Radio Mafia, Unity)
Eliot Ness (Beatbox.fm)

Moisture, heat, beautiful people, smiling faces... Sound familiar?

Goes definitely for our dear (and short) summer, but also for one certain club night, which has run respectively for over five years now! Sad news is that this time, there is some grief work (or dancing to be more precise) to be done; Our venue, Hesperia, is about to be left back after serving us for the past years. So mark your calendars, this will be the last Pussy event at Hesperia!! And for this special occasion, we will put the créme de la créme of deejays under one roof:

Kimik (U&K, Miau!, Pussy Resident)
Coma (Kilta, Pussy Resident)
Orkidea (Radio Mafia, Unity)
Eliot Ness (Beatbox.fm)

Make sure you don't miss this. We have learned from the past that leaving a venue behind can cause extraordinary feelings behind the decks, as well as at the dance floor. To spice it up even more, we would like to add:


Live Percussion by Zarcus Poussa (Rinneradio, Giant Robot)
VJ Lumiere
Nexus chicas

Lights by Tea & Severi
Live Sound mixing by Johnny Lee

Internet stream can be listened from http://www.pussyclub.org

General info:

Tickets 10 (Members 8 )

Get your tickets in advance (7 + bf) from Street Beat.
Age 20

Entry Info:

Hotel´s main door: Members/advance ticket
NightClub Hesperia door: Normal entrance

Essentiale VS. Pussyclub AFTER hour´s at Premier Nights

05.00 – 15.00

DJ. Mr.A (vooDoo,Pump)
DJ. Kaiu&Sakura (LU)
DJ. Coma (Kilta)
DJ. Eliot Ness (beatbox.fm)


AND remember... this is not the end... launch party for the new venue is here very SOON,
with one kick ass UK DJ for all you all night breeders! Stay tuned...