Touch Me Electric vol.2

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Cafe Mascot, Helsinki   Show map

Touch Me Electric is a new continuous club bringing together all genres of electronic music. We take care of the relationship between humans and machines by creating unison between bodies, sound and circuits. This space is for us to get in touch with ourselves and others, machines and humans, by surrendering to electric and creating harmony through communication.

Our event follows the safer space policy,
if you are not familiar with the safer space policy check it here:

The event is FREE of charge so just join us to build this community of electronic equality.

Line up for the evening:

Timo Tuhkanen

"شعب بلا شعر ، شعب مهزوم"
[A People with No Poetry Is a Defeated People]

Tuhkanen will present a musical performance meant for relaxation and dancing while simultaneously showcasing the diverse musical and sonic practices of Palestine. These range from techno to contemporary classical music, improvisation, rap, trap, soothing piano music, communist marching bands and protest songs, made using analogue synthesizers and drum-machines.

Timo Tuhkanen is an artist, composer, poet, activist and Director of Myymälä2 gallery in Helsinki. At the intersection of contemporary art and music, Tuhkanen’s research based practice emerges from a synthesis of sound and touch. Currently this involves imagining, designing and creating instruments that act as social interventions and political tools for encountering and including non-humans in decision making processes.


Ahva creates soundscapes and rhythmic explorations that may well turn into psychedelic pop or into an epic outro. In the live set, Ahva proves that electronic music can be organic and human. Live set is accompanied by visuals by VJ Viljami Nissi.


Pulu is miranda kastemaa's (previously known as foldplop) chaotic tumble through electronic sound. through code, composition and field recordings, they synthesize a mishmash of ambient-sound-art-noise-electronica, in which attempts to navigate the intensifying crises of imperialism, trans existence and mental health are interspersed with indulgent escapist fantasies.


In their first EP Thousand dried flowers, lintulintu combines elements from pop culture with imaginary soundscapes whilst exploring the languages of universal love. At the moment lintulintu is creating non-binary techno witchcraft and house magic. They will be casting synergy spells for you through ritualistic beats, fluffy melodies and tearing sentences. Video art during the gig is created by Moe.

Video art by Moe
Moe is a Jordanian/Finnish visual artist and theatre director. He does as well electronic ambient music under the name Atheer Soot.

***We start playing at 7pm***


Touch Me Electric on uusi toistuva klubi, joka saattaa yhteen kaikki elektronisen musiikin lajit. Huollamme ihmisen ja koneen välistä suhdetta tuomalla sopusoinnun kehojemme, äänen ja virtapiirien välille. Tämä tila on kosketuksissa meihin ja muihin, koneisiin ja ihmisiin, voimme antautua virran vietäväksi luoden samalla harmoniaa kommunikaation kautta.

Tapahtumassamme pätee turvallisemman tilan käytäntö,
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Tapahtuma on ILMAINEN, joten tule mukaan rakentamaan kansamme tasavertaista elektronista yhteisöä.

***keikat alkavat 19.00***