Club Cyber Cultist - The Time of Parthenos

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Restaurant Boat Grand Georgia, Helsinki  
breaks, drum'n'bass, hard, industrial, house, oldskool, psy, techno, trance, urban

Electric Cultists and Cyber Tribals join together to celebrate and worship the Season of Parthenos with hedonistic and magical dance. Parthenos is the Kaleidoscopic Spirit of Science, Order, and Technology.

The party will be hosted by the Temple of Chrysalis, a philosophical paradigm that mixes occult and supernatural beliefs with scientific approaches, focusing on the discovery of the Ideal Self and influencing the mind, through positive ritual and transformation. The Temple has woken up a lot of curiosity around it, and now also people outside this "socially positive cult" are invited to have fun and party.

The Moth Queen dares you to come dance close to the flame…

This is a rare and special opportunity to join one of the Temple’s Open Gatherings! So stay tuned!
  • Music: Electronic genres such as (but not limited to) industrial, dubstep, breakbeat, electronica, electro house, hardstyle, hard trance, and psytrance. Everything we find suitable for worshiping the cyber spirits! We also play some nostalgic classics.
  • Dress code: Cyber, led lights, UV paints, ritualistic patterns painted on the skin, cults, robots, techno-magic
  • Rituals: You may or may not witness rituals during the party. You might be invited to rituals! In the end, your dance IS a ritual!

Spread the word so that your friends won’t miss it! Only 100 tickets available, and the Early Bird tickets were sold out in just a few days!

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