Jones & Stephenson Live (Bonzai/BE)

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Superstition presents


14 I 02 I 2020 Ääniwalli Helsinki

The First Rebirth, Belgium 1993

Some artist and their songs are like sacred mythological untouchable gods, most techno romantic, influential audio experiences which defines our youth or modern day experiences in rave culture and warehouse parties, those songs are like ultimate strobe and laser lights which chops the air like acid rain… Jones & Stephenson “The First Rebirth”, composed and made in Belgium 1993 by Franky Jones and Axel Stephenson, is the one the most significant example of these ultimate classics which are eternal pillars in rave culture and electronic music.

Words and definitions like techno, trance, rave, acid, hard trance and even electronic music would not be same without Jones & Stephenson and Bonzai records, formed in Belgium 1992. Getting Jones & Stephenson play live set in Finland has been my ultimate goal since I heard "The First & Rebirth" first time in 1993-1994. This event like Age Of Love last summer at Ääniwalli are once in a lifetime experiences, warm with love and smile on our facies. <3


SASHA F - Oldschool Techno Set
RAD - Olli Koponen & Santtu XL
D.N.A - Oldschool Trance Set
PROTEUS - Rave Set
PIETARI - Doom Set
MANIAC - Rave Set
NEON - Rave Set


Set Times:

22:00-23:30 Jester Moon
23:30-00:30 Indigo
00:30-02:00 RAD - Olli Koponen & Santtu XL
02:00-03:00 Jones & Stephenson live
03:00-04:00 Maniac (Rave Set)
04:00-05:00 Proteus
05:00-06:00 Neon

23:00-00:30 Tekla & Forehard
00:30-01:30 Sasha F (Oldschool Tekno Set)
01:30-03:00 Pietari (Doom Set)
03:00-04:00 D.N.A - Oldschool Trance Set


Lights Simo Rask/Anna Myllyluoma/Jani Laatinen
Video visuals by Superstition VHS team/VJ Indigo
Two stages ROOM1 + ROOM1+1

Ääniwalli, Helsinki
Friday 14.02.2020


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Superstition on 90' luvun tekno, trance, acid musiikkiin keskittyvä genretön ja ajan henkeä kunnioittava tapahtumaprojekti.

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Photo policy - no photos allowed. Please respect the house rule of Ääniwalli so please do not take any photos at the event.



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