Neon80 - Helsinki (November edit)

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Yes, finally NEON80 is here and we are ready for a great party tonight! doors open at 23.00 with a special ticket price 6€ until 00.00 (after 8€). Music will be awesome, great visuals that will move all those melancholic feelings, the atmosphere will be hot, friendly and uplifting as always. Show yourself up early, let's dance together the Isolation away. See you tonight on the dancefloor!!

Italo-Disco, Synth-Pop, New Wave, Synthwave and more.

::: Line up - Melting Vinyl :::

• Tero Männikkö

• Joona Puu

• Mack The Producer

• Desert Monolith
Jo vuodesta 2011 lähtien DESERT MONOLITH on tehnyt eeppisiä tanssittavia ja melodisia kappaleita, joissa kuuluu kaikuja Kraftwerkin puhtaudesta ja yksinkertaisuudesta. Myös videopelimusiikista ja industrialista vaikutteita ammentavat teokset kuulostavat usein hämäävästi synthwavelta.

Since 2011 DESERT MONOLITH has been making melodic, danceable and epic electro songs with an aim for a Kraftwerkian pureness. Also influenced by video game soundtracks and industrial music, the end result sounds suspiciously like synthwave.

::: Entrance :::
6e before 00.00 hrs.
8e after / age limit 20+

We welcome you to join and enjoy this event with an open mind and a friendly attitude. Respect the people, the music and the venue.

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