Slave pres. Lormes (Fuffzig/Achtzig, Iconyc Noir) Berlin

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After a long reflection, the SLAVE club was born. SLAVE will take you to the journey full of dark progressive house and techno, thru some industrial maqic.
No fine lights no fine decos just the music the dj’s and you.

Artists of the Slave:
Lormes Fuffzig/Achtzig, Iconyc Noir) Berlin, GERMANY
Somerset (Finland)
Zacharias Tiempo (Kontact / 21 / Kittball / Soundteller)

Baari auki 22:00 ->
Klubi 23:00 ->

Liput 22:00-23:00 0,-
Liput 23.00 -> 7,-
Eteispalvelumaksu 22:00 -> 3,-

More info:

Lormes (Fuffzig/Achtzig, Iconyc Noir) Berlin



Twenty One / Tampere

Somerset / Facebook

Zacharias Tiempo / Facebook

Zacharias Tiempo / Soundcloud

Kontact / Kontact