Psy Night V : Radioton, Polly, Noizu, Kissaolento, Papa Psy & Voeman Decotiimi

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🔥Friday 6.12.2019🔥 @ Ravintola Torvi, Lahti
Showtime: 🎶21:00-04:00🎶
Entry: 8€




💥POLLY💥 [Kosmos Festival, Sangoma Records]

💥NOIZU💥 [Club Infektio]


💥PAPA PSY💥 [Psy Night]






Tapani Rinne is known for being the frontman of the pioneering techno-jazz group RinneRadio, as well as experimental and innovative style with the saxophone and bass clarinet. As a solo artist, Rinne has left his trace in Finnish music history and is one of the most respectable Nordic instrumentalists. Also composed and performed music for numerous documentary and fiction films, for theatre, radio and tv. He is o ne of the early techno jazz pioneers in the world.

In Torvi, Rinne will perform a strong ambient solo with the saxophone and live electronics.
The first thing that struck me from this album is its sound. Tapani Rinne (from Finland, as you might guess) plays (bass) clarinet and saxophones in such a way that it feels that time stops moving. Completely unhurried, with a warm immersive meditative sound. It’s the kind of music that immediately makes me feel there’s something different going on, that it is ‘beyond average’.

Polly is a long time dj from Helsinki, Finland, whose sets are known to burst energies and blend styles into a huge positive vibe trancedance experience for the dancefloor. He's sets get in to the flow and let dance unite us! He has played, created amazing events and brought some of the biggest names in global underground psy music scene to Finland since 2005. Under the name People of the Butterflies crew, founded in 2007, they organise events and festivals. Since 2011 he have been part of the Sangoma family and in 2014 he was founding member of Kosmos Festival, the biggest electronic underground festival in Finland. He has also been one of the Finnish emissaries of psy music, having played internationally on most of the established European festivals.

Since 1999 playing gigs as a profession through several nightclubs and events NoiZu has decided to dedicate his life to music in different electronic dance music genres from etherial dark ambient to pumping hard energy. Among the other harder genres NoiZu especially loves to terrorize the dance floor with the darker sounds of psytrance, industrial, dark techno, rhythmic noise and hard NRG.
NoiZu is a resident member in Club Infektio events.
He has also performed in legendary Syn/\psi club nights, Hellfire Club, Findustry, Gothic Night, rave events dedicated to harder music, anime conventions, London UG, Canary Island raves and the oldest and well known gothic festival Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany.

Came from Sirius to play some funky beat! Meow

Papa Psy alias Papa Chilly started djing in the late 90's by playing all kinds of music like reggae, trip hop, hip hop, dub, jungle, dnb and electronic music. He’s been actively performing "Psy" events since 2013, and organizing events in his hometown Lahti since 2000. Papa plays a selection of different styles like tech, progressive and forest, also chillout and bass. Sets are versatile and guaranteed to shake your mind and body.

Voeman Decotiimi is a group of decorators founded in 2013 from the land of the “fish cock” aka. Kuopio. In the beginning decorations were made only of recycled materials, but with practice the materials and techniques have improved. The main goal is still to use recycled materias as much as possible. Now, the decorators are tinkering with paint crochet hooks and a jigsaw boosted with coffee and swearing. During the past several years Voeman Decotiimi has done installations around Finland in different venues from clubs to forest parties. They have also done one event at Canary Islands. The core team members are now Anni & Anna & Viivi with shifting assistants per each event they travel to. They are putting up psychedelic decorations seasoned with a cyberpunk look. Today you can catch us near Helsinki & Tampere.

[Psybient, Ambient, Dub, Zenon, Techno, Tech, Progressive, Forest, Night full on, etc...]

Friday 6.12.2019 @ Ravintola Torvi, Lahti
Showtime: 21:00-04:00
Entry: 8€

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