The Gallery invites: Solarstone Pres. Pure Trance

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Ministry of Sound Club, London   Show map

Lostly (live)

103 - Hosted by 'Pure Progressive':
Alex Wright
Kris O’Neil
Paul Sawyer
The Stupid Experts

SOLARSTONE has hosted ‘Pure Trance’ at various event spaces around the world, each chosen for its pedigree and ambience when welcoming the movement’s loyal followers. However it’s THE GALLERY which can arguably lay claim to an association most poignant, with Solarstone having played the night ever since its inception twenty four years ago – and Ministry of Sound the venue for celebrating many career milestones (for example twice playing The Box from open to close)! Amongst only the elite few on which this honour has been bestowed, ‘Pure Trance’ at The Gallery warrants an emotive homecoming for both founder and implied genre in its most organic form.