Comet#2: CAVE RAVE

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Mustavuori, Helsinki   Show map

Dance is one of the oldest rituals we have in our history. Humans can channel lots of different feelings and emotions through it. Dance can help you distance away from problems and all the daily routines. We’ve been using this ritual since before we’d learned how to speak. Rhythm is one of the subconscious things your body has a connection with and you don't need any special skills to move with it.

This time Comet Events team is happily giving you a chance to experience a party you probably have never had before!
The Prehistoric Edition of Comet Events


Dance in a place where primitive people used to have their rituals.
So welcome and let's have fun together =)

Unbelievable sound and visuals are bringing:
- Erika Shalii
- Nuclear vision
- Silla
- Catalyst
- Tom Moist
- To the limit
.. more TBA

Helsinki, Mustavuori
Rave in the Cave

Free entry

The place is in a forest, so you have lots of possibilities for a good Saturday picnic 🙂
Please, remember, to be a good and responsible visitor, we are going to have trash bins around the place, therefore make the best use of them. Thank you!