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Friday 🔥19.7.2019🔥 @ Ravintola Torvi, Lahti
Showtime: 🎶21:00-04:00🎶
Entry: 7€


💥YONAGUAL💥 [Zenon Records]

💥CHICAGO STOMP DJ'S💥 [Pheat, Otto Dawn, Tombezon]

💥MANIAC💥 [CLH Records]



💥PAPA PSY💥 [Psy Night]





Yonagual from Finland, plays psychedelic progressive and techno. He likes to build his sets like a story, an engrossing journey through deep and groovy, dance floor friendly soundscapes, leading the listeners to a pleasant and hypnotic state of mind.

As a Zenon Records label Dj he has access to a lot of unreleased and fresh weapons, which he complements by being actively in hunt for tasty gems beyond labels. From this wide collection he can craft a set to fit to any mood or time of the day or night.

Since 2010, after playing his first Dj set, he’s been very active in playing in his home country as well as in parties and festivals all around the world. He’s also busy in organizing parties in his home country, bringing together the Finnish tribe and number one names in the scene, for a proper stomp.

Dj's from Lahti. Organizes events from passion to electronic music.

Born in Bangladesh. Came to UK for higher study. Back in 2010 found this crazy, energetic & happy music in the London Underground scene. Felt a deep connection with this music & since then trying to be involved in this Psychedelic scene. Founding member of CLH Records. Also organising small parties and gathering in Finland and London.
Long way to go & so much creativity is waiting to explore in future. The journey with the music will be colourful & diverse of course keeping the psychedelic tune pure in it.
Lets bring music to life & enjoy it :) <3

Paul Eye is a Helsinki based "not really a DJ, but rather a guy who loves music". He plays various mutations of goa trance and downtempo with ever changing levels of unpredictability, drawing from 20 years of experience in the goa/psytrance scene, and from a life long involvement with music in general.

Annie West comes from Espoo, Finland, and was always surrounded by talented musicians and DJ's. She is associated with the Wawahut collective and her career as a DJ got started there. Her aim is to play music that embraces the situation, location and the people in it. She loves many kinds of music, including but not limited to trance, deep house and techno, and when preparing for sets, she tends to build them with time, patience and passion.
And when it comes to electronic music for her - psytrance is the mother.

Papa Psy alias Papa Chilly started djing in the late 90's by playing all kinds of music like reggae, trip hop, hip hop, dub, jungle, dnb and electronic music. He’s been actively performing "Psy" events since 2013, and organizing events in his hometown Lahti since 2000. Papa plays a selection of different styles like tech, progressive and forest, also chillout and bass. Sets are versatile and guaranteed to shake your mind and body.

Voeman Decotiimi is a group of decorators founded in 2013 from the land of the “fish cock” aka. Kuopio. In the beginning decorations were made only of recycled materials, but with practice the materials and techniques have improved. The main goal is still to use recycled materias as much as possible. Now, the decorators are tinkering with paint crochet hooks and a jigsaw boosted with coffee and swearing. During the past several years Voeman Decotiimi has done installations around Finland in different venues from clubs to forest parties. They have also done one event at Canary Islands. The core team members are now Anni & Anna & Viivi with shifting assistants per each event they travel to. They are putting up psychedelic decorations seasoned with a cyberpunk look. Today you can catch us near Helsinki & Tampere.

[Zenon, Progressive, Goa, Forest, Techno etc...]

Friday 19.7.2019 @ Ravintola Torvi, Lahti
Showtime: 21:00-04:00
Entry: 7€

Welcome and enjoy!
Naturally good vibes!