Crystal Shroom // Psychedelic Art & Music

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CRYSTAL SHROOM: August 9th – 11th, 2019
Doors Open @ 19:00pe
Music @ 20:00pe - 12:00su
15€ at the door

Kainuuntie 1222a, FI-74170 Iisalmi, Suomi

Come join in the ritual as we conjure the spirits of the forest, welcoming mushroom season and celebrating the rebirth of a psychedelic scene in Iisalmi.

LSDDR – Iisalmi
// Goa / Psytrance //

Veli Ergot – Tampere
// Experimental Spiritual Self-help //

Pyrdelic – Kuopio
// Forest / Full-On / Psytrance //

Zodix Code – Italy
// Darkpsy //

Mörkö-Anneli - Kotka
// Darkpsy / Forest //

Forced Happiness – Iisalmi
// Dub //

Cosmik Fool - Tampere
// Goa / Psytrance //

Nuke - Kuopio
// Techno / House //

Riemu_ - Lappeenranta
// Psytrance //

Dj Liv1Dub – Iisalmi
// Reggae / Dub / Ska //

Midnight Pitcher – Iisalmi
// Techno //

Burmania - Kuopio
// Psytrance //

Jesari - Tampere
// Misc //

Myrrys - Koirakoski
// Techno //

What to expect:
- 2 nights of psychedelic music on 1 stage
- Psychedelic deco by Wispwander Art
- Stage altar ritual space
- Large indoor dance floor
- Free parking lot camping
- Indoor toilets / Outdoor camp shower


Parking & Camping
- We have limited space for parking so please share cars if possible!
- Camping space is also very limited. You will be able to pitch a small tent next to, or close to, your car.
- There will be a group fire. No other campfires are permitted.

Water & Food
- Water is available for fill up on-sight from the kitchen area.
- We will be making a lunch for purchase on Saturday. Otherwise please bring your own food, or be prepared to venture into town for meals! (Approx. 10km)
- Use of the kitchen area for simple prep is possible - please speak to a member of staff if you need this!

Other Important Info
- This is a private event. We have the right to refuse anyone entry, or re-entry, at any time.
- Please be prepared to give your name when you enter the party. We need to keep a list for safety purposes.
- Absolutely NO RENEGADE SOUND in the camping area/parking lot. This means no cars playing music for the outdoor area.
- Fire performers are encouraged to bring their own props! Just please be aware that your safety is your own concern. Spin with respect and mindfulness.
- The price for entry is 15.00€, CASH ONLY