Queer Club #1

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Merikerho, Helsinki   Show map

Friday 5.4.2019 @Merikerho

12 Months of pride
Jopo Simeon K
Emma Valtonen
All Visuals are by: TÄ9Q

“If you have a Hunchback, just throw a little glitter on it, honey, and go dancing!"

Welcome to the grand reveal of Helsinki’s newest queerpositive event created & organized fully by people in our own community. Let’s forget our worries for a few hours, have a drink & dance to great music!

The main goals of Queer Club are supporting local lgbtq+ Dj:s, connect people and make a change to the heteronormativity in the Helsinki club scene. We also aspire to establish a warm genre-fluid night where everyone is free to express themselves without the fear or being judged or discriminated against’

Come as you are but respect others!

!Any sort of harrasment, discrimination or other offencive behaviour will lead to a
dismissal from the party!

Take care of your fellow party goers!

If you witness any kind offensive behaviour please contact a staff member, organizer or bouncer.

5€ Before midnight
10€ After

Merikerho ship can be accessed on wheel chair safely. We also have an elevator to the club space and a toilet with wheelchair access.