ProForm Series - Acid Tour 2019 - Vain Acidia

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Kuivaamo, Tampere   Show map

FRIDAY 29.03.2019 - Tampere @Kuivaamo

ProForm Series - Acid Tour 2019 - Vain Acidia takes the artists and crew of ProForm Series on the road to spread the word of acid, acid house and Chicago music. The artists featured are various live acts and dj's from the releases of ProForm Series. German based ACID HAUSMEISTER (PFS007) is joining the crew for the whole tour playing his live set in every city. Other live acts you'll see in every city are HYV (PFS012) from Hyvinkää and VIRTA (PFS001, PFS003), reassembled especially only for this tour. Dj support is provided by MATTI TURUNEN (PFS002, PFS003 & PFS004) and label manager KALLE KARVANEN. For Tampere, the line-up will be strengthened with a live set from HEALIUM (PFS003). The Dj team will have a third party in Tampere as HALVTRAK (PFS005) is joining for the night. The Tampere event is held in co-operation with Swäg.


Venue: Kuivaamo (Tehdaskartanonkatu 24, 33400 Tampere)
Date: 29.03.2019
Time: 22:00-05:00
Tickets: 8€


ACID HAUSMEISTER *Live* (ProForm Series, GER)
HEALIUM *Live* (ProForm Series, Jkl)
HYV *Live* (ProForm Series, Hyv)
VIRTA *Live* (ProForm Series, Hki)
HALVTRAK (ProForm Series, Tre)
KALLE KARVANEN (ProForm Series, Tku)
MATTI TURUNEN (ProForm Series, Tku)


22:00-23:30 Kalle Karvanen & Matti Turunen
23:30-00:00 HYV *Live*
00:00-00:30 Kalle Karvanen & Matti Turunen
00:30-01:00 Virta *Live*
01:00-02:00 Halvtrak
02:00-02:30 Healium *Live*
02:30-03:30 Kalle Karvanen & Matti Turunen
03:30-04:00 Acid Hausmeister *Live*
04:00-05:00 Kalle Karvanen & Matti Turunen

In co-operation with Swäg.