Try Land with Gregor Tresher, The Reason Y, Frankov

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Cirko - Uuden Sirkuksen Keskus / Cirko - Center for New Circus, Helsinki   Show map



22:00 Avion
00:00 Unterberg
01:00 Gregor Tresher
03:00 Joonas L
05:00 The Reason Y
07:00 end

Suvilahti TBA

01:00 Jeku
02:45 Kristiina Männikkö
04:30 Frankov
06:30 Jekaterina
08:15 Kasumisu
10:00 end

Welcome to TRY LAND on Tour! We proudly present you this banger event straight from Watergate Berlin to Helsinki for the very first time!

TRY LAND hosted by The Reason Y himself was found in 2016 and happens every single month at legendary Watergate Club in party capital Berlin!

Each month top notch acts from all over the globe, such as Joris Voorn, Nicole Moudaber or Gregor Tresher, to name only a few, step up in the TRY LAND booth to celebrate legendary nights until the sun rises at the world famous Oberbaumbrücke!

It was just a matter of time since The Reason Y decided to cross the borders with his event and here he is to present you Gregor Tresher among the most talented Helsinki residents and Frankov from Mexico at Cirko & Suvilahti TBA for a night full of magic!

We are more than excited!



CIRCO (22:00-07:00)

Gregor Tresher (Cocoon Rec, GTO, Drumcode, GER)

The Reason Y (Second State Audio, Terminal M, GER)

Joonas L (Kuukou Rec, RVLTN Rec, Clinic)

Unterberg (Intricate, Universal Music, Black Hole Recordings)


SUVILAHTI TBA (01:00-10:00)

Frankov (Frucht Label, MX)

Kristiina Männikkö (Kaiku)

Jekaterina (Clinic)


Jeku (Local Deep)

Matlock Visuals


Circo & Suvilahti TBA
Kaasutehtaankatu 1
00540 Helsinki
This is not BYOB event, bars are with full alcohol license


Advance 15€ from (+2€ delivery fee)

From the door
17€ before 00:00
20€ after 00:00
15€ after 05:00

(With card +2€)
All tickets + cloakroom fee


Gregor Tresher Bio

In the trend-driven universe of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher is the rare artist who transcends such cycles. His secret? A relentless focus on melody and timbre, timeless musical elements that other producers often undervalue. Just as a painting or a photograph appears to move if one stares at it long enough, close listening to the stratified grooves and melodies in Tresher's music reveals an organic universe of shifting sound.

"Melody always allows you to bring something new to the music," opines the producer. "It is where you can create something real and different, whereas the beat… well, either a record grooves or it doesn't." Tresher's approach to writing music eschews obvious eight-bar earworms that soon grow tiresome in favor of musical lines that repeat and intertwine in myriad patterns, unfolding to reveal their secrets as you listen. In addition, another almost imperceptible element of motion has been integrated into Gregor Tresher´s new music via the integration of vintage machines and their tendency to drift ever-so-slightly out of tune. "It adds this human touch to the music, even though it was made with machines."

Gregor Tresher began his career as a DJ in Frankfurt in the early '90s; today, he can be found plying that trade at venues around the world, from Berlin to Tokyo, from Sydney to Los Angeles. Following two critically-acclaimed albums credited to his Sniper Mode alias, Tresher broke through as a producer under his real name via his 2005 releases Still and Neon. His 2008 classic "A Thousand Nights" was the year's best-selling Techno track on Beatport and introduced Gregor to a larger audience. Besides releasing music on high-profile labels like Drumcode, Ovum, Intacto, Moon Harbour and Cocoon, Gregor launched his own eclectic imprint ”Break New Soil“ in 2009 on which his studio albums The Life Wire (2009), Lights From The Inside (2011), Nightcolors (2013) and Quiet Distortion (2016) were released. His remix history includes artists like Depeche Mode, Moby, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier and Extrawelt amongst many others.

The Reason Y bio

A mix of creativity, ingenuity, and intensity are the key components to create the fascinating Techno of the "The Reason Y” and although 2015 marked the beginning of this new project from Frederik Laaser, The Reason Y has, in a short time created a heavy buzz with his mind-blowing music, high energy gigs and a top notch event ’TRY Land’.

“Feeling the vibe and connecting with the audience is what keeps me going. Those magic moments created by Techno is the primary reason I am here doing this".

Frederik was born in the northern part of Germany and grew up in the city of Schwerin where he decided to spend all his time and money buying vinyl and honing his mixing skills before finishing High School and moving to Berlin.

"Music always played a big role in my family. Between my Mom’s encouragement to push me to play a musical instrument and the big independent music collection of my Dad, music always had a profound influence in my life. “

With little effort, Frederik knew in which direction he was destined to go. With this type of musical background and a deep passion for hunting restlessly for new and outstanding music, it was only natural for him to find his way behind the controls.

Before the founding of "The Reason Y“ Frederik used to play under several other pseudonyms for more than 10 years starting with gigs in 2006 at his local Club Komplex and eventually at Fusion Festival in Germany which would groom him to find his way onto the map of the international Techno scene of today.

Over the last few years he's refined his own style and signature to engage the audience in any environment no matter the time. His experience and knowledge behind the mixer as well as being an avid raver in the crowd has helped him to spread and unfold his creativity in the studio as well. Quickly his own productions caught the attention of massive acts such as Pan-Pot and Victor Calderone from New York. Being part of Pan-Pot’s Second State label helped Frederik to spread his sound across the globe finding his name on Festivals such as HYTE to Sunwaves and renowned clubs like Labyrinth in Belgium to Loft Club in Germany.

He also can call himself a resident of the famous Watergate Club in his hometown Berlin, where he is hosting his own event called TRY Land sharing the decks with legends like Nicole Moudaber, Julian Jeweil and Technasia.

Right now Frederik spends most of his time in his studio working on new material as he continues on his path to exposing the world to the trademark sound of The Reason Y. May the music be with you and see you on the dance floor soon.

Frankov Bio

Originally from Suuth Mexico, Frankov, Besides owner of Frucht Label and Kaputt Musik, is also one of the most important members of the contemporary music scene. Since the beginning involved in diverse styles and forms of art; his primary passions, sound design, minimalism and experimentalism.

Whichever medium, his work is easily recognised by his distinct style of musical development and productions, as reflected by the diversity of people which he has collaborated with, including artists such as: Murcof, Brian Sanhaji, Gayle San,Ixel, Plastilina Mosh, Jonas Kopp, DJ Three, Nastia, Holgi Star, Sishi Rosch, Kane Roth, Benjamin Fehr, Butane, Someone Else, Javier Carballo, Lucy, Luis Flores, and Mikael Stravøstrand. He has most reciently played in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Medellin, Cordoba, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Berlin, Ciudad Juarez, Lyon, Hamburg, Dallas, Leipzig, Cologne, Prague, Novi Sad, Copenhagen, Malmö, Mexico City, and Guadalajara...

With years of experience putting his public on their feet in hundreds of different venues over the globe, Frankov delivers his audience to an sound environment hat they never imagined.
His latest gigs had included places like: Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Medellin, Cordoba, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Berlin, Ciudad Juarez, Lyon, Hamburg, Dallas, Leipzig, Cologne, Prague, Novi Sad, Copenhagen, Malmö, Mexico City, Guadalajara etc... With years of stage experience and hundreds of different venues over the globe Frankov is somebody who knows how to take a crowd way beyond as they can imagine.