Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2019

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Nosturi, Helsinki   Show map

Blutengel (DE)
Aesthetic Perfection (US)
Zardonic (VE)
Fear Of Domination (FI)
Centhron (DE)
Priest (SE)
Rabia Sorda (MX/DE)
Leaether Strip (DK)
Suicidal Romance (EE)
Oldschool Union (FI)
Miseria Ultima(FI)
Die Kur(GB)
Sekret Teknik (FI)

Arguably the biggest but definately the baddest electronic music clubfestival in northern Europe returns!! Festival consists of a preclub 21.11. and 2 actual festivalnights 22.-23.11.


2+1 day (Including free entrance to the preclub) festival pass

70 €

One day festival pass 45 €.


Talking about legendary bands and figures of the gothscene German dark pop-band Blutengel and singer Chris Pohl would likely be among the first to come to mind. Delivering deep, gothic tunes considering vampiremythology and death Blutengel has been on both our to-do and the audiences wish-list for years. We just never had a BOOM massive enough for their liveshow until now!! So Finally; Blutengel IS coming to play their first liveshow in Finland ever at Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2019!!


Another top act of the scene, Daniel Graves´s Aesthetic perfection was formed in the year every computer on earth was supposed to go awahl, 2k. That didn´t quite happen but there is certainly something deeply destructive on the beats of this Californian monster with a misleading, almost shallow name., Throughout their career Aesthetic Perfection has released 7 albums, been remixed by literally almost every band of the scene and played stupifying amounts of festival and clubshows all around the world.. The new album, "Into the black" is likely the poppiest but also the darkest of the lot mirroring with crushing ease the two sided nature of the Aesthetic Perfection The live setup now includes ex- and current members of Combichrist but there is no doubt about the main man, Daniel Graves.


Zardonic, is an award-winning Venezuelan keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer primarily known for his heavy electronic dance music, dubbed as Venezuela's top DJ act and one of the Top 10 best DJ masks in the world, with releases peaking at #1 in Beatport's Drum & Bass releases of the week and Amazon's Hard Rock & Metal Bestsellers. Zardonic played previously on Club Infektio-event in FInland and is eager to return for more!!


Viking harsh electro-band Centhron hails from Bremen, Germany. And one seriously brutal, yet highly controlled audiostorm of THE BOOM this techno-oriented doomsday-machine truly delivers.
But WTF? Despite being active since 2001 and one of the keyfigures of the central European scene Centhron has never set foot on Finnish soil. This is a wrongdoing strong enough to be considered blasphemy and will be corrected in november 2019!!.


The Swedes are killers on techno oriented dancie poppie Eurovision sound, no argument about that. But hey, let’s do it with a bit of a darker twist. How about melancholic synthwave considering hellish pits and dark depths of the human mind presented by a religious figure wearing a spiked SM-leathermask and two birds? Let’s do it with some ex-Ghost members, shall we, and they will nail it for sure. What could possibly go wrong?
Seriously, Priest’s hypnotic debut album “New flesh” is a hell of a strong entry and from what we’ve heard, we are truly eager to see the show on stage. In addition to being the first show in Finland, it is also a 2019 exclusive.


There is A LOT of history behind EP and FOD, a fierce industrial show metal band from Finland. Out of Findustry regulars there is no question which band has travelled furthest and now reached about the highest point you can climb to in FInland playing machine based discometal sung in English. No wonder FOD has been signed to Out Of line and is nowadays spreading their horizons to continental Europe.


Rabia Sorda is a Mexican-German band created in 2003 by Erk Aicrag known of Hocico to unleash his inner voices. Rabia Sorda music is an energetic experience, it is all about transforming, destroying and recreating the world around. The band is formed by Erk Aicrag on lead vocals, Marcus Engel on Guitars and Maxx on Drums, They Three together join in to burst the sonic experience beyond the barrier of sound itself .


LEAETHER STRIP is the solo-project of the legendary Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. First signed by the German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90's. Leæther Strip has been and still is a big inspiration to many of todays younger acts and is still one of the most productive and most busy live acts in the scene. Leæther Strip concerts are very uptempo and energetic, and he plays lots of his classic hits like "Strap me down", "Dont tame your soul" and so many more.
First release 1989. "Japanese Bodies", and over 30 + albums has been released since then. Latest album is the 2018 album "World Molæster".


This Athens-based, one man band of Georg Psaroudakis was originally formed late in 2006. Electronic sounds fuelled from a vast range of influences and filtered through an extremely individual touch. A passionate and energetic musical attack functioning in multiple levels ushered by harsh and distorted verbal proclamations with a very conscious view of the world and the human psyche.
Since its first appearance to present day, the band counts a lot of official releases, has involved in a huge number of remixes, and shared the stage many times with other great and well-established bands around the world.


Central acts of the Finnish Industiral scene, Old school union trusts in..well..old school EBM with furious lyrics and raw beats. Old school union hails from Tampere region. With a boom and a bang. Yes they do.


Freakangel vocalist Dmitry Darling is making a long excpected return with his gothic alternative pop-duo.


Post Industrial from Mexico.
Eggvn was one of the bands we booked like strictly on listening base. There was just no alternative after hearing their debut hit "Mantis".


Comeback gig of the glorified Industrial duo from Jyväskylä and Oulu.


Did someone say Rage against the machine meets Industrial Avantgarde? One of London´s underground scenes leading acts returns to Finland fully armed. With an electric violin.


Finnish synthetizerduo is one of the freshest acts of the festival. They label their music as Synthesizer Dystopia From Pre-Nuclear War Earth. Nuff said. But not heard.

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