E:MF Hki 2019

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Harjun Nuorisotalo, Helsinki   Show map

The fourth edition of Experi-MENTAL Festival Helsinki returns to Harjun Nuorisotalo on 19.1.2019.
In 2019 we are focusing on Ambient music showcasing four very different takes on Ambient Music.

[ÓWT KRÌ] w/ Lauri Peltonen

Voluntary 5 eur entry fee.


Balancing between acoustic and electric sound painting and sometimes standing still in complete darkness, Tottumiskysymys is just a question of getting used to. Since 2008 an improvisational touch to creating performances has dominated this nowadays electrified collective.

Olli Haveri - Electric mandolin etc.
Jukka Laine - Electric drums, percussion
Ville Olaskari - Synth
Jokke Katajamäki - Synth


Ivan Black

I have been creating more experimental music since I was young as well as performing more conventional music forms. I love using both soft and hardware, and I love the idea of improvised electronic … performing with just a few guidelines and then going with the flow. Mainly my music now is ambient projects as well as more “berlin school” type projects, I love syncopation and hypnotic rhythms, and taking people on a journey … I love to vary my work using the sounds I create to take me on a journey or create a musical picture or sculpture.

Art is not a mirror to reflect the world.
Rather it is a hammer with which to shape it.
Ambient Artists use subtle sounds and textures to concentrate the consciousness, to open the mind to new ideas and emotions.




Cajaste came to life in 2010 with the vision of nature photography and soothing ambient music combined. I used do hikes to photograph the surrounding nature and listened to ambient music.

This is something I found highly calming.
For these walks I also had a handheld recorder with me. I would record environmental sounds while walking, and afterwards I would use the recordings to construct soundscapes. It is intriguing to use organic sound samples, combine them with effects and create ethereal sounds out of the original nature sounds.

The soundscapes I create float in the realms between space and gloom. In my compositions I try to bring forth a state of untouchable calm.


[ówt krì]

[ówt krì] is the main creative project for Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Its first digital release was published in 2006, and the following formative years resulted in a number of digital and CDr-releases and multiple compilation appearances.

Come 2013 and the first CD-album, carrying the name The New Seed, was published by Alrealon Musique. The first [ówt krì] live shows became reality in the following year. After some digital and cassette releases, the second [ówt krì]-CD called Pilgrimage was published in 2015 by Erototox Decoding.

Since then, the project has played a multitude of domestic shows (including many at events which Kenneth has co-organized) along with gigs in Sweden, Estonia and the East Coast of the United States.