Trip To Goa 10Y Pre-Party with Flowers Of Life

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Kaivohuone, Helsinki   Show map

Ladies and gentlemen, Trip To Goa will celebrate 10 year anniversary this year. We will start 10Y year with a special pre-party. During this decade trip we have had honour of hosting beautiful chillout and ambient artists like Ott, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Younger Brother, Vibrasphere, Entheogenic, E-Mantra and Solar Fields.

All of the best moments by these artists will be summarized into a special 10Y Anniversary 3 hour set to be performed by DJ Aegonox.

After a very long pause our team will be joined by the legendary Flowers of Life decoration team.

Flowers of Life (Elämänkukat) has astounding track record of decoration projects both internationally and in Finland. Their beautiful pieces of art has been present for over 15 years in multiple continents and world class events like Boom, Antaris, Freqs of Nature, Odyssee Berlin, Tree Of Life, Lost Theory, Antaris, Freedom Festival, Yaga Gathering, Transsylvania Calling, Systo, Kosmos, Metsäfestival, Lawatanssit, Konemetsä, Lux Helsinki, Linnanmäen Valokarnevaalit, Slush, Assembly and many many others.

Flowers of Life will change Kaivohuone dancefloor into an unrecognizable magical world.

Trip To Goa 10Y set by DJ Aegonox (3h ambient/chillout journey)
Mazer Live (full-on)
Sab Kuch Milegator Live (forest/suomi/goa)
EE (progressive psy)

Decorations: Flowers of Life

Price (unconfirmed):

presale 15eur (Cybershop Asematunneli), 15eur+bf (Tiketti)
from door 15eur before 23 clock, 20eur after 23 clock (if any tickets left) (cash only)

only even money (tasaraha) in Cybershop.

Birthday heros +-5 days (those who are born between 03.03. and 13.03.) get a free entrance to the party :) (IMPORTANT! you need to prove your identity with an ID)

Place: Kaivohuone
Address: Iso Puistotie 1, Helsinki


Timetable (changes are possible):
22-01 Trip To Goa 10Y set by Aegonox (3h chillout/ambient journey)
01-02 Ee (progressive psy)
02-03 Mazer Live (full-on)
03-04 Sab Kuch Milegator Live (forest/suomi/goa)


MAZER is a collaboration of Matti Kankkonen and Tommi Otsavaara producing psy trance. They are known of their energetic live shows involving electric guitars and other instruments. In the last couple of years they have performed in number of high profile events like warming up for Infected Mushroom. We are thrilled to have them finally in Goa club :)

Sab Kuch Milegator:

Ridge Suomäki is Sab Kuch Milegator, a psytrance/psychill project from Finland. He is one of the original Aikahattu UG party organizers. His unique style of sound seems to be balancing between suomisoundi, night-psy and goatrance and is characterized by experimentation and playfulness.
While this humble artist seems to not make a lot of noise of him self he has published already 3 albums in the last couple of years that have been downloaded over respectful 40 000 times in Ektoplazm. If you have not heard of his music yet, now it is the time to check it out ;)


Janne Lehtimäki aka DJ EE (FINRG, Mainstage Records, Maventures) has been the workhorse behind the scenes in multiple high profile events and clubs like Society, Bass Game, Psychedelic Winter Festival and Full-On Generation and he has been a part in bringing a very large amount of international electronic music artists to Finland in the last couple of years. We are happy to finally have him as a guest to perform some addictive progressive psytrance for you :)

Longer bio:

27 years ago, a town called Ruovesi in Finland saw the birth of a musical multitasker Janne Lehtimäki, who is nowadays known by many under the name of - Ee

He eventually started DJing back in early 2010 and quickly created a name for himself through his skilful and energetic performances. This has earned him places as a warm-up act for some of the biggest names in psytrance scene such as Infected Mushroom (multiple times), Ace Ventura and Vini Vici, with the opening of Kosmos Festival in 2016 to boot.

Outside the borders of homeland, he’s performed around Europe in London, Stockholm, Hamburg and Tallinn. The upcoming year will see Ee heading as far as Asia and across Europe once again. He has been signed by FINRG Recordings (Finland) and Mainstage Records (Israel), with his first solo productions to be published soon.
Aside from his performances, his biggest contributions have undoubtedly been the magnificent events that have made thousands of ravers dance like there’s no tomorrow. The concepts he’s been part of, Full On Generation, Bass Game, Society and Psychedelic Winter Festival, quickly became popular thanks to the high quality of the production and the meticulous attention to detail they delivered to the nation.

Whether he’s behind the decks or part of the production crew, you can always expect Ee to bring energy, quality and guaranteed good times your way. And the best part? He’s only getting started


Aegonox (also known as Dreaml4nd and Peter Pan) is the workhorse in Goa club and occasionally in Entropy. This will be the first high profile chillout/ambient set that you hear from him ;)

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