La 16.2. Jori Hulkkonen live & Leeko, Dynamo

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LA 16.2. Dynamo
Live: JORI HULKKONEN (22.00), LEEKO (21.00) Ovet klo 20.30.
Vapaa pääsy.

Keikkojen jälkeen:
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The 2nd Block Party: DJt Kulmisjärvi & Tane Lee, vapaa pääsy klo 22-24, sen jälkeen 5€

The debut performance of the new "Jori Hulkkonen Live" will take place on February 16th, at Dynamo in Turku Finland - where else.

"If my memory serves me correctly, the last time I played a “Jori Hulkkonen” -live proper, was in 2011.

After that all solo liveperfomances have been under some pseudonym, or for the lack of a better word, “project”, such as dRUMMAN. These post 2011 -shows were always based more around improvisation and trying some new concept, rather than on tracks that had been released. The performances ranged anything from 2 hour ambient shows and 30 minute techno sets to 6 hour jams around one theme (see Steppin’ Out).

Then there were the live shows with Jimi Tenor both with and without our film Nuntius, again very improvised and abstract, as was playing live with Aki Rissanen. More disciplined collaborative live gigs were then with both Sin Cos Tan, which were based on our 3 albums, and the 2 year tour with Tiga, a fella for whom I’ve written and produced a lot of tracks. Oh yeah, and then there's The Acid Symphony Orchestra.

For the past couple of months I’ve been slowly working on the concept of the new live show, inspired by the experiences mentioned above.

Based on the music I’ve released in the last 26 years, it’s naturally quite impossible to cover all the ground I’d like to, and as usual, wanting to keep things fresh it’ll include even some as of yet unreleased material.
-Jori Hulkkonen

LEEKO on Turusta lähtöisin, nykyään helsinkiläistyneen Tiina Rantasen alter ego. Artistin 25.10.2018 ilmestynyt EP I Define The Content Myself on noin kahdenkymmenen minuutin mittainen pianovoittoinen viiden kappaleen teos. Leeko on säveltänyt ja sanoittanut EP:n kappaleet sekä soittanut suurimman osan levyn instrumenteista itse. Tällä kertaa liveä lavalla ovat mukana toteuttamassa Meerika Ahlqvist ja Ippi Arjanne.

LEEKO on julkaissut aiemmin kaksi singleä: Paralyzed In Paradise ja Just vuonna 2017 sekä vieraillut Jori Hulkkosen albumilla Simple Music For Complicated People (2018).