Polly & Miazu 15 Years Anniversary

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The ultimately unbelievably believable couple is turning... years? It's hard to think it would be time that defines them. Maybe rather the ever-expanding, relentless drive, in times splashingly joyous and on others brutally real. These two have seen people up from daring dreams and crazy one-off ideas into making music, parties, circus, art --- so many people who have springed up from what they've done. They've done, and keep on doing so much for the Finnish forest culture.

I think everyone whose paths have crossed Mia's and Olli's can agree they make a lasting impression. With them it's easy to find love in what they do. When goa trance started in Finland in the '90s, it was a small scene. Parties in Finland were few and far between. Subcultures were formed, lots of random stuff happened, but Mia and Olli just concentrated in doing energetic psy-nights notorious for providing a complete immersion into the latest music available. Less fillers, more killers! Top quality each time.

Many years passed. People of The Butterflies did so many parties. The daring couple ventured into label collaborations, gobsmackingly many kinds of party productions, everlasting radio show slots and just ... Mothering and Fathering a major part of the psy-trance culture in Finland.

One of the fun things of late is that Mia is really into hi-tech. Olli... not so much. It just so happens, that one of the freshest stages in Kosmos Festival these days is Levitation Station, which houses any ultra-hi-octane music in the festival lineup. Everyone needs wakeup calls and get on up's steadily and these two don't just keep each other on their toes, they do that to us others as well...

Without further ado, welcome to Mia's and Olli's anniversary party. This is one for the books.


02.02.2018 22-06

-15€ / 20€
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Cybershop asematunneli (sales start 17.12.2018)
Birthday boys and girls in for free ;) +/- 3 days


There will be 2 Psytrance floors, one for Suomisaundi / Goa and one for other, we will invite people from throughout our music career to perform.

22.00-23.30 Terva
23.30-00.30 Inverse out
00.30-01.30 Proteus
01.30-03.00 Daksinamurti
03.00-04.30 Miazu & Polly
04.30-05.00 Miazu feat. Ilkka Kemia & Dima One
05.00-06.00 exät äänessä


22.00-23.00 Discolin
23.00-00.00 Nebula Meltdown
00.00-01.00 Pavel Svimba
01.00-02.00 Salakavala
02.00-03.00 Bechamel Boys
03.00-04.00 Scum unit
04.00-05.00 Paul Eye
05.00-06.00 Shiva 2000


-Future shamans
-Deco Tukos
-Psychedelic caravan

-Miss Mystique the fortune teller
-Tingria hoops
-Leo & Antti Juggling show


-will be

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