Helsinki Decompression 2018

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Decompression is a co-created event by everyone. The primary focus is to bring together people to participate and express themselves in a safe and open environment, allowing everyone to decompress the weight of everyday life.

Decompression is not just a party hosted and organised by a few individuals. It is an event that brings together the community, from all over the world, to co-create and participate in an event free from the norms of reality and limitations of the imagination. This space becomes an immersive experience of art, performances, music and workshops.

This year we will be selling tickets in phases. Our early bird sale starts on Friday 12 October at 12:00 and tickets will be 35 euros. On Friday 23 November the ticket price increases to 40 euros. The last day to buy tickets is on Friday 14 December. Remember NO tickets will be sold at the door and calling your friends to help get you in won't work.

Doors open on Friday 14 December at 21:00 and on Saturday 15 December at 14:00. Tickets can be exchanged for wristbands from opening hours until 24:00 on Friday and Saturday night. The event ends at 09:00 on Sunday 16 December.

The age limit is 18. On Saturday children up to 12 years old are allowed to attend between 14:00 and 20:00 and have to be accompanied by their parents. The daytime program is mostly workshop focused. These will be announced closer to the event.

Decompression is co-created by its participants, including you which means the final experience and outcome of the event is up to everyone participating. Nothing can be bought or sold at the event, so please make sure you bring everything you need and some more to share with others. You are allowed to bring your own drinks and we encourage you to bring extra to contribute to our open bar. Sharing is caring. Please be aware that the cleanliness and tidiness of the event is also everyone’s responsibility. So let's leave everything better than it was before and no MOOP (matter out of place) lying around.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute and participate in the magnificence of this experience. Creativity is not a performance sport. No one will rate your contribution, nor will it be demanded from you. You are welcome to participate just as you are and you are free to contribute just in the shape and form you feel comfortable with. Below are links to the forms for you to sign up and help co-create the program for the event.

Program, Workshop and Art installation registration form:
Performer, DJ and Artist registration form:

Helsinki Decompression is a regional Burning Man event in Finland organised by Vertaiskulttuuriyhdistys Eldis ry under the license of Burning Man Project. It allows you to experience the Burning Man culture and embrace the principles ( By entering the event you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these principles as the general guideline for the event. If you are unwilling to comply to these principles, it may lead to you being removed from the event without a refund.

Together, You, I and we will co-create and participate in an immersive experience that will allow us to re-think and re-create something that we can call home and take a piece of that back into our everyday reality.

Photo Credit: Sascha Baridara

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