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Twenty One

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Dten (CatsLoveBass Records // Superlife Records)

Project 'Dten' was set up in August 2014 by Aki Himanen an Helsinki based musician. Besides his solo project, he has been working as a Producer/Musician/Engineer in several bands, films and dozens of records.

Getting involved professionally with different styles of music, he considered that Dten is a melting pot of his music and life experience. The roots of his style are techno and house, but he wants to twist them with minimal, electro and jazz influences.

As much as he loves working in the studio, his passion for performing keeps him developing constantly his live sets. His live performances contain lots of improvisation and also understanding for keeping the dance floor busy and the crowd interested.

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Nokkos (Matalasaundi)

Nokkos, rising DJ with psychedelic dub, triphop, deeper side of techno and house, will take you to other universes, makes you mechanical dance machine, or biological creature climbing the tree of life, and sliding down the cosmic slide down to the center of earth.

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