Alppimuisto 2018 - Free Open Air

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Alppimuisto 2018 - Free Open Air

Place: Alppipuisto, Helsinki.
Date: Saturday 21st July
Time: 2pm - 10pm

Laughing Buddha / UK / Nano Records

More artists will be released soon. Watch this space to stay updated.
Deco by Deco Tukos
This is the 8th Edition of Alppimuisto - Free Open Air. Alppimuisto has always been and will always be free of charge. There is no age limit and a lot of people come and visit us with their kids which we think is fantastic. This year's edition is our 1st self-funded Alppimuisto. Before we were kindly funded by Helsinki City and we are grateful for the support they provided for many years. We are doing our best so that you can feel yourself home when you arrive. It's been a quite a ride so far. Welcome to Alppimuisto.

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