Garage 6YO with Deadcode, Out Of Fuel, Doscius, Rumbus +more

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Club holvi, Helsinki, Suomi   Show map

Garage is turning 6 years. Come and celebrate with us in the newly opened Club Holvi (Annankatu 10, Helsinki).

We started our journey for the love of music and we're going to stay there. Bringing out raw talent of people. Bringing the underground.

Dj's include
Deadcode (31 Recordings, Deadcode Records)
Out Of Fuel (Translation Recordings, Din is noise records., Med School)
docius (Viidakkorumpu)
Rumbus (Viidakkorumpu)

Garage mo'fos:
TAHMAS (Special chillhop and beats set)
Laiska Jaakko

and your lovely host Arina

Tickets at the door: 8€ before midnight after that 10€ + cloackroom

+ More info coming soon !


--- DEADCODE ----

Deadcode is a music production duo from Helsinki, Finland. They stand firmly in the deep and dark end of the Drum & Bass sound with a focus on dance floor credible beats. Fusing the knowledge and influences from the past with new ideas and approaches, Deadcode breathes fresh new air to the style.

--- Out Of Fuel ----

Finnish duo Out of Fuel experiments in the deeper side of their ever-expanding sound with plenty of bass weight. Their music combines swirling pads and wintry atmospherics o bottom heavy and percussive grooves with infectious, echoing sci-fi FX and subtle dubwise aesthetics.

Also you can hear both of them regurarly on Basso. Matti on Viidakkorumpu show and Otto on Science Hki laboratory.

They've had monster releases on Alphacut Records, Conspired Within Music, Din is noise records., Lightless, Machinist Music, Med School, Scientia and Translation Recordings.

Supports from Homemade Weapons, DLR, Fanu, Physics, J:Kenzo just to name a few.

--- Docius ---

Docius fell in love with Jungle in 1997 when he got his very fist drum’n’bass mixtape “Nuff Bass” from his friend and drumming instructor dj Ässämix who was among the first jungle-spinning enthusiasts in Helsinki during the mid-nineties. Soon, Docius moved to Beijing where he joined several punk bands, gaining respect as the best punk drummer around. The love for beats and parties soon lead him to a party at the Great Wall of China, where he experienced his very first rave, which he considers the milestone in his early musical enlightenment. The genre barriers were broken in the young mind and soon Docius became one of the most active rave-goers of the mainland China. However, the only times when Docius had a chance to enjoy drum’n’bass outside his house was when he was coming home from raves. Docius would give the taxi driver the Nuff Bass tape and they would listen to that same tape over and over again, always on shitty taxi speakers. The tape had a varied selection of drum and bass: a tight, skilled mix of some ragga-influenced tracks and some techy ones. The whole package more or less promoted the then contemporary hiphop jungle flavors that really appealed to Docius’ in terms of his fancy for musical values and aesthetics. After having moved to Helsinki in 2002, Docius soon spent his freetime going to reggae, punk rock, hiphop and drum’n’bass parties. Hovever, to his shock, the jungle sound Docius loved wasn’t there to dance to. Instead of just complaining, he decided to fill in the gaps himself and spent the following years learning dj skills privileged the guidance of the turntablist legend dj Flava.
Today, Docius is known as the master of street aesthetics, a real Jungle Soldier known of his tight yet rude mixing style, an established hip hop dj, turntablist, famous for his blazing electro sets, organising underground raves, street parties, and spinning records for over ten years with his Viidakkorumpu crew on the nation wide radio channel Bassoradio (, promoting original junglist styles, covering the whole spectrum thru dub to the bleak flavors of tech step and of course hip hop and electro. In his bag he always carries some fresh dubs, some lesser known gems from back of the crates, as well as everything in between – always staying true to his rudeboy style, mentality and the untouchable selector skills!

Most currently Docius is pushing the deep, dark & dubby underground aesthetics of, what he calls, #foresthouse...

--- Rumbus ---

Started playing vinyl back in 1997 as a jungle DJ in the north of Russia, Karelia, in the hometown Petrozavodsk.
Then in 1998 moved to Finland.
Was playing at the JUNGLE/DNB events in Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, Sortavala,Kostomuksha, Joensuu, Outokumpu, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Savonlinna, Lahti, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Preferably playing vinyl records. Different kinds of jungle/ drumandbass from choppage jungle to brostep/clownstep/jump up and darker dubbish jungle.
Location is ESPOO, FINLAND.

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