Rave All Night! Twenty One, Dj's DCOM & Kimik, Free Entry

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Twenty One

RAVE ALL NIGHT! 27.4.2018 // 22-04 // Free Entry

Never went to a 90's warehouse rave? Went to raves alot, but can't find the feeling or hear the music anymore anywhere?
We've got you covered!


DCOM (Eentropy) - 2 hour rave & techno classics set

A true pioneer in the Finnish electronic music scene.

Check out his mixes on Soundcloud:


Nuutti-Iivari Meriläinen aka dcom was born immersed into a world of music, starting with classical music studies and playing multiple instruments before his teen years. His interest towards electronic dance music and away from the popular was kindled by a trip to Ibiza at the tender age of 14, where experiencing the raw intensity of early acid house and deepness of new beat kickstarted an obsession to refine an already eclectic taste by filling all available shelfspace with records.

From his first appearances as a DJ in the early 90s in his home town of Tampere up to today dcom has earned a reputation as a constantly evolving, solid and sharp-skilled performer of a wide range of genres - techno, electro, IDM, ambient, dubstep - and more.

dcom is known as a highly skilled but intensely individualistic DJ still playing vinyl (only vinyl and nothing but vinyl). Being true only to himself hasn't made him rich or famous, but with a quarter century of tireless carving he continues to fill his personal niche in the Finnish scene and keeps delivering dramatic arcs of musical tension and release, peaks and valleys, brooding and elation.

Kimik (Etkoplasma / Basso / Miau!) - playing all night rave & techno classics

Twenty One's monthly resident with 25 years of deejaying under his belt.



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