TONIGHT! Paahtimo x Merikerho w/ Kaila x Kaiunta Live + Laura Mrls

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PAAHTIMO x MERIKERHO w/ Kaila x Kaiunta Live + Laura Mrls

Iloksemme saamme ilmoittaa, että pienen tauon jälkeen Paahtimo on takas uusin kujein, nimittäin Merikerhon rahtilaivan pohjassa. Tarkoitus on astua rappusia alas yhdessä, pimeeseen ja vapaaseen yhteiskuntaan, missä tekno ei anna anteeksi.

Tällä kerralla luvassa Kaila x Kaiunta techno-live suoraan uunista. Laura Mrls, saksalainen joka on viimeaikoina tullut tutuksi kovilla techno-selektioilla Ääniwallissa ja Kaikussa.

Taas tahtoo, kunnon paahtoo. Tervetuloa.

LAURA MRLS [Ääniwalli / DE]
HJERTMAN [Paahtimo]
SI MON [Paahtimo, Mood Of the Era]


PAAHTIMO - Concept
Paahtimo focuses on hard but emotionally atmospheric electronic music. Paahtimo means Roastery in Finnish, and this is exactly what we will try to achieve together... Simply get roasted in a dark and smoggy atmos.

This project has its origin with emphasis on combining sound, people and room in a symbiotic and synergetic relationship, where all become one and whatever prejudice is left behind united in the vomb of sound. A big dark hall but with the intimacy between people intact, exploring alternative electronic sounds together.

This time we have the pleasure widen our perception with LIVE-set from Kaila x Kaiunta, completely fresh out of the oven. Laura Mrls, a more and more frequently booked dark techno-selector will take over after the live-set and further push us into the underground.


WHERE: Merikerho
WHEN: 06 APRIL / 23-05