Die Sektor Presents: Manie Sans Délire

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What stands behind a name is often more significant than the name itself, and it’s this entity that provides the name with its identity.

With two extraordinary releases under their belt, June and Trenton Chase—alias Manie sans Délire—have established an outlet for pulsating, aggressively leering music that traverses the darker side of the mind. A no-nonsense attitude and a mutual trust in analogue equipment have provided a solid space for their microcosm filled with grit and gore.

On top of their co-op, both producers have individual projects with excellent output. While Deadlock LP by Trenton Chase features taciturn, industrial echoes bathed in reverb, June’s early excursions into Chicago house and synth wave have been pressed on his eponymous label as well as Solvent’s Suction Records. Their joint venture navigates in murkier undercurrents, finding the sweet spot between driving and danceable with a sense of distress and disorder.

Having returned from the pressing plants with a mind-bending 12+7-inch in 2017, the duo are now hitting hard with a forthcoming V/A release featuring two of their one-take recordings, released by mid April.

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Manie Sans Délire LIVE (June Records)

Linda Lazarov & Kristiina Männikkö

VJ Maisa

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14/04/18 22h00 - 05h00
14/9€ before 11pm