Danceteria w/ Technasia, Paji + Heikki L, Zacharian

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Danceteria w/ Technasia, Paji + Heikki L, Zacharian
19.5.2018 | Club Capital, Helsinki

2018 alkoi Danceterian kannalta todella hienosti. Kickoffit Olivier Giacomotton, Hollenin ja Leftwink & Kodyn tähdittämänä + Waterland Warm Upit oli tupaten täynnä ja meininkiä riitti aamun pikkutunneille saakka.

Seuraavat Danceteriat tanssitaan 19.5. ja luvassa enemmän Tech Houseen & Deep Houseen keskittyvä ilta. Vieraaksemme saapuu Ranskalainen Tech House pioneer Technasia, joka on tunnettu menevästä Tech House soundistaan ja raudankovista seteistä. Techansian lisäksi lavalle nousee maagisia deep house rytmejä sähköviululla säesteävä Saksalainen dj/ tuottaja Paji.

Kovien ulkomaalaisten artistien lisäksi Capitalissa teitä viihdyttää Danceterian isähahmo Heikki L, sekä residentti Zacharian, jolta luvassa tällä kertaa vähän speciaalimpi Deep House setti.

Kovan lineupin lisäksi panostamme isosti myös tapahtuman audiovisuaaliseen tuotantoon. Äänentoisto, visuaalit, valot ja tanssijat ovat kaikki loppuun asti harkittuja ja kestävät vertailua mihin tahansa kansainväliseen klubiin.


✪ Technasia (FR)

✪ Paji (DE)

✪ Heikki L (Waterland, Danceteria, Summer Sound Festival)

✪ Zacharian (Danceteria, Toxic)

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Ovelta (jos jäljellä) 20€
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Danceteria w/ Technasia, Paji + Heikki L, Zacharian
Date: 19.5.2018
Doors Open: 22:00 - 04:00
Venue: Club Capital, Fredrikinkattu 51
Town: Helsinki
Country: Finland
advance ticket 16,50€ // K-18
door ticket 20€ // K-19

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★

Technasia Biography

For thirteen years Technasia has created a unique east/west fusion that moves seamlessly from the Paris club scene, to the streets of Hong Kong, to the hippest techno venues in Europe. Founded by Charles Siegling and Amil Khan in 1996, Technasia thrived as a duo for almost a dozen years. Now, Charles has gone solo, taking Technasia into 2010 as a one-man project. Unlike a Hollywood divorce, the parting between Siegling and Khan is truly amicable. Hong Kong-based Khan retired from Technasia to spend time with his young family. “You have to live this scene every single day,” says Siegling, “It’s very consuming, Amil didn’t want that anymore.”

Despite the change, Siegling has always been the ‘front man’ in terms of DJing and performing live, so Technasia is as thrilling and full-bodied a live experience as ever. If anything, Siegling is even more determined to infuse every aspect of Technasia with his utter absorption in sound, the passion born of 25 years engrossed in electronic music. ?Born in Paris and raised in an 11th century chateau, Charles grew up listening to everything from Depeche Mode, Jimi Hendrix to Legendary Pink Dots and Einstuerzende Neubauten. His music-loving dad even introduced him to early British rave tunes. As a university student he continued his musical education the clubs of Paris listening to the likes of Derrick May and Robert Owens; and taking note of the records Laurent Garnier and DJ Deep played on their radio shows.

In the mid-90s Siegling, who did a degree in film studies, went to check out the Hong Kong cinema scene. There, a mutual friend introduced him to Amil Khan and after they discovered a shared taste in electronic music, Technasia was born. They chose to base Technasia and their record label Sino in Hong Kong because there was no scene there, no record shops, no underground, no infrastructure. It was initially a battle for survival, but the location is vital to the Technasia ethos of music as communication. “Language is THE ultimate barrier,” says Siegling. He strives to overcome the barrier in his own life by picking up languages wherever he goes – he speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Italian, among others – but ultimately he chooses to communicate through sound. “Electronic music is the greatest language of all. No words, just the vibration, the emotion and the beat.”

Charles has a burning ambition to create music that transcends cultural barriers, and to captivate every audience. The proof of his success is in the list of clubs and festivals Technasia has played. Fans around the globe, from China, to Colombia, to the Czech Republic, know Technasia’s classic anthems including ‘Force’, ‘Oxide’ and ‘Evergreen’. And they know that every Technasia show takes the music to new heights. When DJing, Charles always plays on three decks, showcasing the old-fashioned arts of cutting and scratching. Live, Technasia takes audiences on an unforgettable ride. Charles literally becomes a one-man band, playing keyboards, percussion and acoustic instruments. He even sings. Anything to create irresistible energy and atmosphere. “I want my audience having fun,” explains Siegling. “Not falling asleep, or going off to the bar for a beer.”

The performance aspect of Technasia is complemented by artist albums ‘Future Mix’ and ‘Popsoda’ – which are modern classics. Siegling is also an outspoken promoter of young talent, using the Sino imprint as a launch pad for talent including Joris Voorn, Renato Cohen, Steve Rachmad and young Catalan producer Dosem. He has straightforward criteria for what makes a Sino artist: talent and individuality. Charles is refreshingly direct – he has no patience for industry politics – and he seeks out musicians who have a similar strength of character and clarity of purpose. “I share my knowledge with artists who deserve a push,” says Siegling. “So when they are ready to fly, they can do it on their own.”

2010 is a red-letter year for Technasia fans, thanks to the release of third artist album ‘Central’. Technasia’s first ‘solo’ LP, ‘Central’ marks the evolution of their trademark sophisticated, intelligent techno. “It represents a continuity of all the albums, it builds from them,” Siegling explains. “It grew out of new ways of combining melodies emotions and energetic beats.” Technasia is undertaking an extensive tour to promote ‘Central’ and remix support comes from the likes of Marc Romboy, Mauro Picotto, Dosem and Renato Cohen. No wonder Siegling is bubbling with delight: “This is my legacy,” he says proudly. “This is what people will remember me for.”

Paji Biography

PAJI was born in Cologne, Germany in 1986. At the age of five, he discovered his passion for music in all its facets. Learning and playing traditional instruments fascinated him since his early childhood: alongside percussions, the violin quickly became his favorite instrument. At “Rheinische Musikschule Köln“ he was educated in playing the classical violin.

As a teenager PAJI discovered his special talent for combining different styles of music with each other, including pop, rock, hip-hop, house and classic. By the live accompaniment of the violin, PAJI creates inimitable club arrangements.

The fusion of different musical genres lead to the special PAJI sound which is improvised, miscellaneous, individual, different. It is colored as PAJI himself: his Kurdish roots give his music a multi-cultural character, which makes his sound unique and gives the audience an unforgettable live experience.

Since 2010 PAJI plays at the most famous hotspots all over Europe. PAJI played e.g. FUSION festival (Berlin, Germany) BORA BORA (Ibiza, Spain), Fete de la Musique (Paris, France) and the world-famous Tresor Club (Berlin, Germany).

PAJI cooperates continuously with various artists in the music scene in order to realize innovative projects. Two of its closest partners are Tube & Berger ( and Basti Grub (

In addition to his extraordinary musical talent, PAJI represents a special character: his friends and associates describe him as loyal, friendly, open and genuine person for whom passion for music is more important than fame and money. PAJI is special, different and individual. You have to experience his live act just feel. With all your senses.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★

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