Hallmark - Spring Awakening

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Hallmark - Spring Awakening

The weather isn't there yet for our beloved summer cruise, but that doesn't mean we can't party inside a boat! It’s intimate, secluded and let’s face it, boats just happen to be an awesome place to throw down a party!

Our 2018 season kicks off with extended hours inside the anchored and warm Merikerho in Suvilahti Helsinki. Due to limited capacity there is also going to be a very limited amount of tickets, but to compensate it we handpicked some of Finland's finest that surely have all the tools to make this night a big one.

Your crew for the evening:

SØNIN [Youth Control]

SØNIN (Anton Sonin) is an experienced individual when it comes to producing high quality dance music. With roots from trance, to hardcore gabber, to house, to techno, to indie disco, to most up to date, 27 years old with 16 years of experience, from underground raves to clubs and events, the whole journey to professional music productions within the leading edge of Nordic music industry. Though he's taking a fresh approach to the game, the man is no stranger to when it comes putting out global hits and performing in big events. Having released music on Anjunabeats, High Contrast Nu Breed,Youth Control and lately getting support from the biggest DJ's of the world such as Tiësto, Tensnake and Yotto, SØNIN has everything it takes to create something new and spectacular along with his raw groove and lush style.

Movement Machina [Zerothree]

Finland's latest rising star when it comes to progressive music. The man behind this moniker is in a place of his own when it comes to top-notch production skills and talent in the world of progressive. Releasing music and remixes on labels such as Anjunabeats and Silk, Movement Machina has carefully yet very professionally crafted something that carries a unique signature sound.

DJ D.N.A [Hallmark]

The captain needs no introduction – he's here to guide the boat to trance-heaven bringing the old school together with the new accompanied with his 20 years of experience.

Limited amount of advance tickets on sale now from Holvi!

The ticket price 15€ (incl. 10% VAT), provides event entry + cloak room service from this link: https://holvi.com/shop/merikerho/product/15c1a94ec6a9e28b1b025b6c4eebc58e/

Merikerho crew:

SØNIN [Youth Control]

Movement Machina [Zerothree]

DJ D.N.A [Hallmark]

Where: Merikerho - www.facebook.com/merikerho/
Sörnäisten Rantapromenadi, 00530 Helsinki
When: Sunday, 1st of April 2017
Open: from 22:00 until 05:00 [Extend Hour]
Age limit: 20

VIP reservations and invitations:

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