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♬ EV 100 ☻

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Room 1 hosted by My Techno Weighs A Ton:

NIQW (Night Bass, MTWAT, FIN)
RONY REX (Youth Control, Weekend, FIN)
FLINCHY (Solide Records, MTWAT, FIN)

Room 2 hosted by GVO Tallinn:

E.L.D.O (Selective Mutation, AT)
Andres Rauschecker (mmntry, GER)
Joy Verano (GVO, PE)
Karinsmatic (9/11, EST)
Kennie Block (GVO, EST)
Meelis Vili (HALL, GVO, EST)

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Everything is techno to us, because without techno there would not be all the great dance music genres we get to enjoy today. Come dance with us again to EKKM Tallinn 🇫🇮❤🇪🇪.

Estonia turns 100 in February and we want to be there to party with you. Apart from the resident DJ’s NiQW, Sharkslayer, Flinchy and our Estonian resident Paap, we will bring along a true party maker from Helsinki, Rony Rex. As a Weekend Festival regular and well-known "party rocker", Rony Rex’s name has become a staple in the bigger events around Finland. But make no mistake, his knowledge and taste in music goes way beyond that, he can hold any room hostage with his techno and house anytime. We are truly interested what Rony will bring to the table in EKKM.

This EKKM event will be a bass-filled party with great DJs who have released music on labels like Night Bass, This Ain’t Bristol, Ciao Recs, Kitsune, Audiophile XXL, Perfect Driver, Main Course, Southern Fried, Box Of Cats, Saucy Music, Cheap Thrills, Trouble&Bass, Dubsided, Solide and My Techno Weighs A Ton of course.

As we have 2 rooms in EKKM (the exhibition space and bar room), room 2 will be hosted by GVO Tallinn (Good Vibes Only), a collective of raunchy party makers, who’s private events around town have already become legendary.

Friday 16.2.2018
EKKMi Kohvik Club Space
3€ before midnight
5€ with FB attend
7€ without

Me elame techno sees. Kõik meie kõrvadesse imbuv on loodud technost. Ilma technota ei oleks olemas paljusid teisi tantsumuusika zanre mille järgi oma liigutusi seame. Tule veendu oma olemasolus kohtumispaik EKKM, Tallinn. Meie rahvusvaheline kaader koosneb Soome ja Eestimaa huvitavamatest techno, tech house ja bass-house edasikandjatest.

Для нас все это техно, потому что без техно не было бы всех отличных жанров танцевальной Музыки, которые мы получаем сегодня. Приходите танцевать с нами в ЕККМ в Таллинне в феврале, так как мы получили специальную линейку бас-хаус, техно и тек-хаус ди-джеев из Финляндии и Эстонии