Die Sektor presents: Umwelt

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Having a morbid fascination with industrial, corrosive atmospheres and broken drum sequencing, Die Sektor is honoured to invite over the pioneer and veteran of the French rave scene – Umwelt.

With more than 40 releases under his belt, Umwelt has been expanding his dark and melancholic universe since the early 90’s through Kommando 6, Shipwrec and Satamile to his New Flesh and Rave or Die imprints. His first exposure to the genesis of rave in Lyon had an indelible influence that developed into a prolific, yet uncompromising career – the vinyl and analogue freak relies on time-tested equipment to sculpt his hard-wired beats and sharp tunes and prefers releasing the music of his and his peers without bowing to commercial aspects of the dance music scene.

Umwelt has crafted a dynamic and sharp selection of edgy electro cuts, balancing between Drexciyan groove and gloomy electrified ambience. Guided by his instinct, the man behind the moniker continues the work of early pioneers with a wild and straight-to-the-dancefloor mode of transport, while progressively leading the listener into mental and emotional atmospheres where he alone has total control over the side effects.

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UMWELT (Rave or Die, New Flesh, Satamile, Shipwrec)


Linda Lazarov & Kristiina Männikkö

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09/02/18 22h00 - 03h30
14/9€ before 11pm