Opening: Paahtimo w/ PVS (H.omework / Key Vinyl) & Emma Valtonen

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Welcome to Tapanintanssit and club-premiere of Paahtimo!

It is time to install a new and continous concept in Punavuori, Paahtimo, focusing on hard but emotionally atmospheric electronic music. Paahtimo means Roastery in Finnish, and this is exactly what we will try to achieve together... Simply get roasted in a dark and smoggy atmos.

This project has its origin with emphasis on combining sound, people and room in a symbiotic and synergetic relationship, where all become one and whatever prejudice is left behind united in the vomb of sound. A big dark hall but with the intimacy between people intact, exploring alternative electronic sounds together.

We are happy to welcome a long-time favorite to his first helsinki-performance, PVS, from Rome. A very warm-hearted figure, which is conveyed through many of his releases, however, maybe mostly in his release on his own label H.omework; 'Fucking Society', which atmospheric space-journey has been exhibited through out the four last years all around our globe.

We also welcome our dear friend and vinyl-selector Emma Valtonen, who needs no specific introduction. She has an amazing blend of retro-acid house with electro and breky influences. Looking forward to see her smile in the DJ-booth.

So once again, Merry Christmas and we welcome you to 'Roast' away all the christmas-dinners and prepare for a new year of dance and techno.


PVS (H.omework - KEY Vinyl - IT)
EMMA VALTONEN (Kaiku / Ääniwalli)
AXEL HJERTMAN (Mote, Paahtimo)
SI MON (Mote, Paahtimo)

Tapaninpäivä 26 Dec
Entrance fee: 12€
Entry through back-door.
preTickets 10€ online to skip the line:
Entrance-fee door: 12€

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Club Mate Finland
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