Stacks 003: Kaukolampi – 1 album launch party

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Merikerho, Helsinki   Show map


Kaukolampi – 1 (Svart Records) album launch party
LIVE with visuals by Samuli Alapuranen (showtime 00.30)

+ Stacks crew: Erkko, Sansibar & Sire

Timo Kaukolampi is the shamanistic leader of space rock outfit K-X-P. In the shadows of his hood and cape he’s been working on his debut solo album “1”, out on 1st December. Operating around a 4/4 kick drum his live set contains analog synthesizers and drum machines forming a spaced out cuckoo’s nest made out of cables, pulsating a soundtrack-like, thunderous soundscape. Sound is elemental like nature, moving tectonic plates. Destruction of the form followed by re-creation. Interplanetary energy beams. Deep meditation.

Friday 8.12.2017
Merikerho club space
22.00–04.00, tickets 8 € on the door only
Sörnäisten rantabulevardi, Helsinki

“The Stack is an accidental megastructure, one that we are building both deliberately and unwittingly and is in turn building us in its own image.”
– Benjamin Bratton