Dj Workshop and fleamarket.

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Kasvisravintola Keidas, Turku   Show map

What's Deejiing about?
What's a turntable?
How to mix this with that?

These, and many other questions shall be answered in our street level Keidas Dj Workshop that gives you a possibility to get aquinted with different sort of equipement - and possibly you might even find a set of equipement to start your deejiing with as there's gonna be also a Dj equipment fleamarket.

If you are looking forward to sell affordable equipement (Or possibly records) for starting dj:s, this is a good opportunity to also show in practice how the stuff works and then possibly strike a deal.

Timetables of the event go roughly as follows:

2pm ~3pm .... Introduction - What is Djing about?
3pm ~ 4pm .... introduction to Dj-equipement
4pm ~ 7pm ....Tutorial & training on how to Dj.