Roberto Rodriguez (Serenades, Basso)

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Twenty One, Tampere   Show map

Roberto Rodriguez vierailee Tampereen Twenty One clubilla. Tästä illasta ei tunnelmaa puutu kun sielukkaan ja syvän saundin taitaja Roberto soittaa meille muutaman tunnin.

Liput 22.00-23.00 10,- 23.00-03.30 13,- sis.narikka

Roberto Rodriguez is a Helsinki-based DJ, producer, radio host and music director. Having started making music at the age of 12 in 1987 and starting to DJ a few years later, Roberto can be called a true veteran. He has released over 50 original releases and 60 remixes including - now- classics like 'Ride With Me’, ’Besomebody’ and ’Oxymoron’. His vast catalog includes releases on labels such as Compost, Freerange, Delusions Of Grandeur, Room With A View, FINA and Eskimo. Just to name a few.

Among his DJ and producing duties, Roberto runs his own label Serenades which is now on its third year. In Finland Roberto has a popular weekly radio show which shares its name with his label. Due to his vast experience Roberto's Dj sets are often full of treasures, both old and new, that you've never heard before and may never hear again.