Pure Black Presents: Techno Queens Takeover !

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Seuraavia Pure Black bileitä juhlitaan Perjantaina 03.11.2017, ja luvassa onkin 'Naisten ilta', toisin sanoen koko Line-Up koostuu nais-artisteista!

Vieraaksi tulee Liettualainen Samanta! Hän voitti mm. 'Burn Residency' kilpailun 2015, jota pidetään isoimpana DJ-kilpailuna maailmassa. Tämän jälkeen hänen ura on lähtenyt toden teolla nousuun ja hän on esiintynyt mm. Carl Coxin 'Revolution' bileissä Ibizalla moneen kertaan. Kotimaisista artisteista nähdään Suomen ykkös nais-DJ ja mm. Bass Gamesta tuttu Milla Lehto! Pussy eau de Clubin residentti Hilla Liila! Sekä uudempi kasvo Helsingissä Victoria Sitnikova!

SAMANTA got interested in electronic music at the age of 12. Already when she got 17 she started to play her first deejay gigs and confidently searched for her own individual musical path. Within only one year she learned all technical skills and began to play at private parties, which helped her to define her musical taste that quickly fitted perfect for the best nightclubs and festivals within Lithuania. Starting with electro and electro house, going over deep house SAMANTA truly found herself in tech house and mainly techno. This self-confident development opened her more gates to the reliable club culture.
The exciting journey so far brought her to “Burn Residency 2014” where she managed to win the 4th place between the best Baltic DJs. 2015 marks a year of much bigger changes as SAMANTA became the official winner of Baltics at “Burn Residency 2015” competition and she was one of the 20 best upcoming international DJs who participated in the „burn Residency“ boot camp on Ibiza. Being even able to stay among the overall top 3 finalists made her succeed to become seasonal resident at rewarded club Space Ibiza, where she plays for Carl Cox Revolution parties regularly. Not to mention her fan base is growing instantly which is also a matter of fact due to her various radio listeners on Radio Ibiza Sonica, Frisky Radio, Insomnia FM, Ibiza Sonica Radio and Zip FM where she regularly presents radio shows.






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