Assorted Pieces 1 publication party

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Merikerho, Helsinki   Show map

The second Friendship & Decadence record - Assorted Pieces 1 - is upon us and itʼs a huge enough of a reason to host an event at Merikerho. We are serving only prime cuts of various electronic music, but the main ingredient is techno.

// Menu
Kade (Live)
Mirage Man
Poly Sone (Live)

// Location
Sörnäisten rantabulevardi, Helsinki

// Servings and prices
22:00 - 22:59, 6€ - Includes a free Ice Beaver beer or an UTU Lonkero.
23:00 - 04:00, 8€ - Includes the standard menu.

Additional 3€ cloak room fee is required from all guests.
Come with peace and with a healthy appetite for fun-loving.
Hope to see you there!

PS. Thereʼs a few hot plates of “Assorted Piece 1” compilation for you to purchase if inquired. First come, first served. Previews:

PPS. Weʼre not serving food. Weʼre just trying to be clever with our sales pitch.

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