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Ääniwalli, Helsinki   Show map


Running (Live)
Keiska (Live)
Ordo (Live)

Mikko Virtala (Dj)
Sansibar (Dj)

29.9. Ääniwalli / Room 2

Keiska just released his anticipated 'Youtube DRAMA' EP and is performing his first live set in 100Lotus.
Sunny Seppä and Tuomas Soppela will bring their new liaison COP_XINLOI to the unexpected dancefloor and present their new audiovisual set, in collaboration with visual artist Aliina Kauranne aka AK47.
Running will focus on tracks from their upcoming album out on OEESB next month.
Ordo previously known as Blac Uhday performances are rare occasions in Finland and he will present a new audiovisual set in 100Lotus.

13e / 9e before 23:00