Hamara RumBa: Chris Robin & Dpiks

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DRUM’N’BASS / Club Tunneli / 18.8. / 21-04 / K-18 / FREE ENTRY!

On Friday 18.8. Hamara Suomi brings big basslines and jungle vibes to CLUB TUNNELI!
Two heavyweight dj’s CHRIS ROBIN & DPIKS will serve you full variety of DRUM'N'BASS!

CHRIS ROBIN [Forms / Dreadmark]
Chris Robin has a versatile sound in his sets, and depending on the occasion, you can expect anything from deep, murky tunes to banging dancefloor rollers.
Since 2005 Chris has promoted some of the most prolific drum&bass clubs in Jyväskylä such as Dreadmark, Remedy and Wake-Up!. Chris moved to Tampere in 2013 and is one of the founding members and resident djs in the Drum & Bass club Forms.


DPIKS [Hamara Suomi / 03Crew]
Dpiks started collecting records in late nineties and DJing publicly in 2011. His musical roots are in hiphop so in addition to his wide range of drum’n’bass, he is also known as active rap and grime dj. He is member of Hamara Suomi bassdealer crew, and also one of the resident deejays of 03Crew.