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***HUOM*** Bring your earplugs!

DAVE SKIPPER: brain-melting noise from Tokyo

"Originally from the UK, I have been resident in Tokyo since 2010. During that time I have performed at and organised over 100 shows alongside the full spectrum of Japanese noise artists, old and new, as well as many other experimental and improvising musicians. This experience has helped me to develop my own confident exploration into the extremes of texture, frequency and volume that the Japanese noise scene encourages to the max. As a dedicated modular synth user, I have also been responsible for creating and organising the annual Tokyo Festival of Modular since 2013, an international festival that celebrates and showcases modular synth designers and artists from around the world. Although I also dabble in ambient, drum'n'bass, psychedelic metal, dub and more, I am unquestionably most at home in small dark rooms, blasting my crisp aggressive textures through oversized PA systems in an undiluted celebration of intensity. I sometimes try to imagine what it must sound like to travel right inside the unimaginably enormous raging infernos of the cosmos, which has led me to conclude that God as Creator is the ultimate Noisician."

is a noise maker from Helsinki. Active since the late 1990s, he performs and records as a solo artist, and is a member of Testicle Hazard, Large Unit, Köttskogen, Gentle Evil and The Truckfuckers. He uses primary simple electronics and some digital synthesis - the resulting music is swirling slabs of vivid noise. His discography consists of over two dozen entries ranging from cryptic tapes to critically acclaimed releases like Bats in the Attic CD (among The Wire's Rewind picks in 2010). He has collaborated many artists including Florian Hecker, The Incapacitants, Lasse Marhaug and Phill Niblock.