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The collaboration of Alexei & Katya started few years ago in Moscow. Both musicians are true enthusiasts of electronic music and free improvisation. Alexei Borisov is a veteran of Russian experimental music scene, Katya Rekk represents new generation of local experimentalists. Borisov and Rekk take part at different projects, collaborations, special events and international festivals, performing in Russia and abroad.
Both musicians use many different electronic devises and sound objects, produced by international specialsts, as well as by Russian DIY engineers, such as Vtol (Dmitry Morozov), Papa Srapa (Eduard Srapionov) and Anastasiya Aljokhina. Now the duo is working for the studio album which will be presented in August 2017.

Occurrence taking place somewhere or human behaviour connected to certain space are often the starting points of her work. The media used varies between sound, objects, photographs and drawings. Recent works have been sound performances and installations searching for alternative ways to reproduce sound and in this way listen to the space. Sound performances are layered sound constructions of self-built analog synthesizers, field recordings, vocals and other instruments.