Aftherapy with BB Deng (Kuukou Rec, TW/CH), Efo, Concha

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Elokuun ensimmäisiin Aftherapyihin saapuu pääesiintyjäksi Kiinasta BB Deng, mimmi joka on signattu Simina Grigoriun Kuukou Recordsille. Biossa lisää tästä Hong Kongista syntyneestä tekno DJ:stä.

Aamut aloittaa Point Breakin Efo ja päättää Joikun Concha.

Aftherapyn äänentoistosta vastaa tuttuun tapaan Precison Audio.


BB Deng (Kuukou Records, TW/CH)

Concha (Joiku)

Efo (Point Break)


Sun 6.8.2017

Tickets 15€ (including cloakroom fee!/narikka kuuluu palveluun!)

Annankatu 10
00100 Helsinki

BB Deng bio

BB Deng (DJ/Producer) who was born and grew up in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Her music career started from being the lead singer/keyboard player in rock bands, she started to DJ at ROXY in Taipei when she was still a young student, from 2003 moving to Beijing until now she has already named as one of the top Techno artists in China. In 2013 BB Deng got invited to perform and talk in ADE, in 2015 and 16 she was inviting to have her Europe DJ world tours, from clubs in Berlin, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Austria, Croatia to music festival in France, which made her name got international known as an asian female Electronic music artist. BB Deng performed in most of the biggest music festivals in China such as Strawberry, EMidi, Modernsky, INTRO, Yinyang, Great wall run...etc, she also regularly clubs tour in different cities in China and plays for top brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Chloe just to name a few. In 2017 BB Deng released her first remix under KUUKOU records (Berlin) and had her DJ tour to Barcelona (Happy Techno), Berlin and Amsterdam (Techno Tuesday). BB Deng's music is a combination of Deep, dub, acid, minimal, melodic to dark and hard techno, to learn more about her, please go to